Single Apartments: Bachelor Pads or Dream Homes?

Single person’s household is the fastest growing demographic. Earlier, people who lived in apartments for singles were people who just got a new job and the interim period till they got married. The apartments were designed that way. Today’s bachelor pads are totally modern and they look like dream homes. So how have designs for apartments reflected this shift from ‘single being a phase’ to ‘single becoming a life stage’?

The general perception is that bachelors pads are unkempt places, but today these homes are modern, trendy and a dream come true. They have shifted to the newest ways of keeping a bachelor pad organized.

Single Apartments: Bachelor Pads or Dream Homes?

Single Apartments: Bachelor Pads or Dream Homes?

One bedroom apartments can be spacious or conservative depending on what you need. The modern one bedroom apartment has all the trappings of a slick bachelors pad, from stylish interiors to a private balcony for a perfect afternoon cocktail. A spacious outdoor area with a walk in closet is like a dream come true.

Furniture is always important; it provides the comfort you need and helps you organize the space you need. A walk in closet, or a pallet formed bed- all these are great and the main concept is to get maximum amenities from minimum space.

Studio apartments are on the rise and single people love this concept. Small is made big by having a fully functional apartment, and the same space is used for multi purposes. Whether you are a single male or female single- these apartments are on the rise, as the modern youngsters are more career oriented and getting married is kept on the back burner.

Some designers have included shifting walls to use the space to be used both as one bedroom or two bedrooms. The new apartments are as flexible as possible to accommodate different types of living. The bachelor pads have evolved from temporary dig to home, and some of them into dream homes. The transition, though slow, has changed with the lifestyle of people and their individual living status. More people are turning towards single living concept, and the developers are now catering for single person’s lifestyle.

In India a studio apartment or a bachelor pad is generally a 1BHK flat just right for a single person or a family of two. These in new societies come with all modern facilities and amenities, like modular kitchen, a sleek bathroom and facility of gym, spa, pool, club house, recreation room, etc for the residents. Today’s singles have a different view of life and their homes reflect this as they are the extension of their personalities.

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