Signs that You are Not Ready to Sell Your Home

When the real estate market is booming and the prices are on the rise, it is very tempting to sell your home and enjoy a huge profit out of the deal. But just this thought to make a profit is not a sign that you should actually put your home up for sale. If you list your home and it stays unsold for quite a while, buyers consider that there is some problem with the property. Hence, it is very important that you weigh all the pros and cons before listing your property.

Signs that You are Not Ready to Sell Your Home

Signs that You are Not Ready to Sell Your Home

Let us talk about a few signs that point towards the fact that you are not ready to put your home up for sale yet.

You are still too attached to your home, emotionally

We tend to have an emotional attachment with all our belongings. Even a pillow is so dear to us, why not a home. Your home is all about you, how you lived there with your loved ones, your happiest and saddest memories were created in that very place. So it is pretty difficult to be completely detached from your home. The case is even more disturbing when this sale is happening due to a life event like divorce or transfer where you have to shift even if you don’t want to. Just the thought of complete strangers traipsing through your memories sends a chill down your spine. This is why it is important to make sure that you are emotionally blank before listing your home.

You do not have a relocation plan in place

If your home is sold immediately, are you ready to relocate? If you are still thinking about the answer, it is probably not a good time to sell your home. First you need to plan about your next home- whether owned or rented. Lack of a plan will also keep you from cleaning and staging the house for sale. Experienced or professional home sellers have a perfect game plan and invest time in finding the right deal for their property. So unless you are ready to relocate, do not sell.

You desire a price higher than the market value

First of all, you must hire a real estate agent to sell your home who has professional knowledge in the field. He will study the market situation and set the right price for your home. However, if you desire a price more than 10% higher than that of what the agent suggests, you might not want to put it on the market. Maximum activity from the buyer is during the initial stages of the advertisement but an exorbitant price will keep them away.

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