Shades of Yellow: Different Rooms, Different Hues!

Yellow signifies happiness. It is the color of intelligence and energy. According to Vastu Shastra, yellow is the color of sunlight and brings wisdom into the house. Interior design specialists also find yellow color to be a mood-lifter. It gives your home an inviting feel and is great for living room, pooja room, study, home gym or any room that does not get proper sunlight.

However, while choosing the perfect paint color for your dream home, you might get confused among a thousand shades. In this story, we are going to talk about how you can rock different shades of the same color in different rooms of your home. And the color of the day is- Yellow.

Shades of Yellow: Different Rooms, Different Hues!

Shades of Yellow: Different Rooms, Different Hues!

For the Bedroom

You must be wondering whether a bright color like yellow would be good for the bedroom. It is not only a playful color, but can also give a cozy feel when used in proper shades. Try hues of gold or apricot that will give your room a rustic charm. These colors are known to keep the area cool and cozy. Pair it with teak or other shades of blue to give a beautiful contrast. Not only for walls, yellow can also play wonderfully on lamps, furnishings or that single accent chair sitting in the corner.

For the Living Room

For the living room, using yellow is a bit complicated. First you have to decide how cozy or playful you want the area to be. Too bright shade of yellow can give the room a juvenile look and a too sober color might make it boring. So you have to strike the right balance. Mustard or canary color would work wonders for the living room. Complement it with grey or brown furniture, multicolor throw pillows and decorative pieces in contrasting shades.

For the Kids Room

Being the most energetic color, yellow is the best for kids room. Go for a bright shade like laser or citron. You have the freedom to experiment with this space. Put a chevron rug, paint the walls fluorescent, make it electric, do whatever you want. Let the bright colors awaken your fun side and be free to imagine.

For the Kitchen

Kitchens are mostly done in neutral shades but yellow can be a great color for giving the pops here and there. Use bright citrons on the backsplashes, cabinet doors or handles, corners etc. You can also bring in bright yellow canisters, small appliances and a set of cutlery to give a nice energetic punch to your kitchen. Yellow area rug will also look magical. If you have a kitchen island besides a neutral kitchen, do its furniture in bright colors like yellow and orange.

Apart from using the yellow color palette for different rooms, you can also bring the yellow accessories like ‘candeliers’, vases, cushions etc. Make more on less budget by experimenting with the most energetic color- Yellow!

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