Secrets to a Chic Kitchen Decor

Kitchen is one of the most overlooked places in the home from decor point of view. However, when you think about it, you will find that a kitchen is much more than just the cooking space of your house. You spend a considerable fraction of your day roaming in and around the kitchen. Even when the guests arrive, you spend more time in treating them with refreshments than sitting with them. So you need to pay much attention to the kitchen decor to make it look chic and more comfortable. Working around a minimalistic decor, going for creative kitchen backsplashes, and installing the right fixtures can be a few ways to do it.

Secrets to a Chic Kitchen Decor

Secrets to a Chic Kitchen Decor

Let’s have a closer look:

Start with the Basics

Like any other project, you must start your kitchen decor regime with the basics. This means that you must stick to the necessities and keep only those items on display that are actually needed quite often. The easiest way to do it is to keep them in identical jars that create a statement in contrast to your decor theme and color palette. Keeping it simple not only clears the space but also adds the eye catching focal point to your kitchen. For example, a bowl full of red apples right in the middle of your kitchen countertop, or the herbs and spices near the stove- this will keep everything within an arm’s reach.

Right Placement of Decorative Pieces

In a modular kitchen setup, only the necessities would not set the mood for a chic decor. You need other decorative pieces to enhance the ambience. You don’t need as many items in your living room, just a few statement makers. However, if not placed properly, these few pieces can also add to the clutter. The mantra is to keep the decor shelf away from the necessities like on the hanging shelf. You can also keep the cabinet open and stack your favorite cookbooks on the top line as decor items.

Fixtures and Appliances

Fixtures also work as perfect embellishments to your kitchen decor. Door knobs, cabinet handles, sink taps and pendent lights are a few fixtures to focus on. For example, golden colored fixtures would complement a completely white decor theme. Lights add softness to the awkward darker corners. Appliances like stove, fridge and dishwasher should be up to date. Do not let the outdated stuff ruin your chic decor.

The Overlooked Spots

As the kitchen itself is an overlooked part of the home decor, interiors of it would lack the attention. The ceiling, cabinet tops, awkward corners and backsplashes are a few places that we forget to decorate. You must give a patterned texture to the ceiling so that people move their eyes upwards at least once. Decor pieces can be kept on the wall shelves designed for the awkward corners and above the cabinets. Creative backsplashes also add glamour to the decor.

The bottom line is that you have to work around the necessities and then move to the complex parts. Follow the above rules and say hello to a chic kitchen decor.

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