How to Choose the Right Window Style for Your Home

Buying a house is not the end, but turning it into a comfortable home is important. Windows are the least thought about, but no home would be complete without windows. They provide natural light, warmth, ventilation and can help define the style of your home. Before purchasing windows check your options and see what suits your home and your needs. Here is a guide to help you: 

Single Hung and Double Hung Windows-A double hung window has two sashes/panels which slide up or down and can open either from top or bottom. Most manufactures make these windows so that the panels tilt for cleaning from inside without going out. Single panel, is where the upper panel of the double panel is fixed and can be only cleaned from the outside. 

Single Hung and Double Hung Windows

Casement-These are the out-swinging windows which open to the outside. Picture window is a fixed window, which is large and acts as a frame of sorts for the picture of the outdoors.

Casement Window

Fixed-Window which cannot be opened and its only function is to allow light to come in. 

Fixed Window

Skylight-It is a window in the roof which bathes a room in natural light. 

Skylight Window

Bay and Bow-These are the combination of windows that protrude outside the house and create more space indoors.

Bay and Bow Window

Sliding windows which slide sideward or French windows are also very common.

Once you have determined the style of the windows, then you have to decide the type of windows you want in your home. Windows are typically manufactured in wood, vinyl, fiber-glass or aluminum. The look of our windows from outside is important, but how they appear from the inside also matters. The interior style goes a long way to contributing to the experience to the inside of your living space.

In bathrooms you would want windows that draw light, but block the view from outside. When it comes to living room windows you should consider whether the room will look good with a picture window or with windows of different shapes and sizes. Your home follows a certain architectural style, so your windows should be in sync with it. If you have a contemporary home, consider floor to ceiling windows.

Windows come in one color, usually plain glass, but window frames and mullions come in a variety of colors these days. Ventilation matters, so you see how much air need come in while choosing your window. You can go in for operative windows, which can open and close or fixed windows, or a combination of both.

You have found the right window style for your home, you still have one more task left, the right window dressing and then your job is completed. The orientation of your home, the amount of light, air, ventilation all these factors have to be taken into consideration while choosing the right window style for you home.

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