Retail Realty Segment: The Future of Commercial Real Estate in India

The retail sector in India has been growing at a tremendous pace over the past two decades and so is the Indian ‘retail realty’ segment. The number of organized retail industries in the country has witnessed an annual growth of 20 percent. After the government allowed 100% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) for single-brand retail, more groups have started venturing into the same. The trend shows that the retail industry will expand in the coming time- first in the metropolitan cities, then in smaller areas.Retail Realty Segment The Future of Commercial Real Estate in India

Seeing the growth, a number of developers are coming up with their retail shops in NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai and other big cities. To concentrate on a wider investors segment, they have also come up with innovative payment plans and assured return schemes. The assured return schemes are those under which the builder promises to pay monthly return to the investors during the construction period on a predetermined rate.

One of the most talked-about virtual retail projects in NCR is H&S Boulevard Walk. The project offers state-of-the-art virtual retail spaces. These virtual shops are offered in the upper basement floor meant for setting up the hypermarket. The non-demarcated shops in this project would offer a great exposure to the retailers. The mantra for a retail market to be successful is that it should be in close proximity to the residential areas. Strategically located in Sector 4, Greater Noida West, Boulevard Walk is surrounded by thriving clusters of residential and commercial developments because of which it is going to experience good value appreciation in the future.

Virtual retail spaces have a rather complex investment structure and need to be properly analyzed before investing. As a smart investor, you should assess the locational advantages, laws related to the industry, commercial trends, customer reach, etc. Moreover, the rental returns in the retail sector have shown an annual increase of 10-14 percent over the past few years and the trend is likely to remain the same.

So, if you want to put your money into the real estate industry in order to multiply it, retail real estate is an option you should not strike off. These are innovative spaces and earn yields in proportion to inflationary tendencies. Stand-alone commercial and retail setups are going to form considerable parts of the Indian realty sector in future.