Reasons to Invest in Assured Return Scheme

Assured return scheme is one of the most popular concepts in the commercial real estate market, nowadays. It is a way to encourage the investors to put their money in a commercial property. Most of us either do not have enough funds to afford a commercial project or are averse due to the risks involved. However, with assured return scheme one can enjoy the benefit of the growth of his investment along with a monthly return that starts from day 1.Reasons to Invest in Assured Return Scheme

What is an Assured return scheme:- As the name suggests, an assured return scheme is one wherein the developer pays a monthly return to the buyer based on the amount of his investment at a predetermined rate. The rates may vary from 9% to 12% according to the location, builder’s preferences and the construction stage of the property. The concept is usually popular with commercial properties such as office spaces, malls, IT parks, etc., but is gradually gaining popularity in the residential property market as well.

Why should you invest in an Assured return scheme.. ?

An assured return scheme is one of the most popular low-risk investment plans. It attracts the young investors as well as the retired senior citizens. It is popular among all those people who have money to invest but are also looking for a regular monthly income from their investment. The scheme is good for senior citizens as it provides them with monetary security and helps in meeting the living expenses during their ‘sunset’ years.

Renting a shop or office is trending these days and this is where the assured return scheme appears. If you buy a property in Noida under his scheme, you will get regular monthly return from the developer till the property is under-construction. The return, when combined with the actual value appreciation, works out much higher. Hence you get double advantage through a comparatively smaller size of investment. To make the transaction more secure, some developers also offer bank guarantee to the investors.

H&S Boulevard Walk Greater Noida West

One such project offering lucrative assured return on investment is H&S Boulevard Walk. The project offers 11% assured return on the 50:25:25 plan and 12% assured return on the 10:85:5 plan. Located in Sector 4, Greater Noida West, the project is surrounded by acres of thriving residential and commercial development. These premium office spaces, serviced apartments and virtual retail shops will enjoy tremendous price appreciation in the coming time. So if you are planning to make an investment in real estate, H&S Boulevard Walk stands as a great choice.