Education in the Next Big Sector: Real Estate

Build a high paying career in the real estate sector- especially right after school. There are different courses being offered by colleges, for example:

  • BBA- in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure

  • BBA- in Construction Management

  • MBA- in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure, in Infrastructure Management, Construction Economics and Quantity surveying.

  • Civil Engineering and a course in architecture are also very promising

Education in the Next Big Sector Real EstateIndian real estate sector is approaching the industry status and the developers have realized the need for trained professionals who are fully equipped with finer nuances for this booming industrial sector. Real Estate has become a fairly complex business with rapid growth and foreign investments. Therefore, specialized education for the industry of real estate is a must. The new government investment in this field has given real estate a real boost. With the announcement of 100 smart cities by 2022 and ‘Housing for All’, the real estate industry needs a professional approach. By 2020, there will be a huge demand for civil engineers, architects and planners and skilled professionals.

In comparison to other countries, we are still outdated and underrated because of the lack of a systematized education in this field. But now a lot of new courses, diplomas have come up to train students in this field. Education is an ever evolving tool so in the future more such courses may come up allied with changing the time and growth of this sector.

Many realty masters in our country believe that education can change the entire face of this sector. After agriculture, real estate is the next big thing. Everybody needs a home- big or small, good infrastructure and civic amenities. The demand in this sector is ever increasing whereas the number of trained professionals in comparatively very less.

However, professional training is now available and a good number of institutions are providing this career oriented training. A number of real estate development companies offer lucrative jobs after you get training in the field. This sector generates the highest wealth and provides a great career opportunity. Choosing a career in real estate can be a smart choice.

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