Quality Construction: How to Judge?

We hear a lot from builders and brokers that the projects underway or the completed ones are what you call ‘Quality Construction’, but many a times they lack the details to authenticate the statement. Nowadays, home buyer looks for quality construction when he does house hunting. So what is the buyer really looking for in the guise of the term ‘Quality Construction’? He wants to ensure that what he is buying has the following features-

Quality Construction How to Judge

Quality Construction How to Judge

  • The home is safe and sound for the inhabitants.

  • Remain inhabitable for maximum possible span of time.

  • Not develop problems over the years.

  • Not entail any huge repair and maintenance costs.

  • Have a good resale value when one wants to sell.

  • Lastly will stand the test of time and natural calamities.

These aspects are impossible to judge when the residential projects are new or only a couple of years old. Most builders will confirm and ensure that everything is in super form and all the quality construction norms have been followed from A to Z. Even people who have put their flat on the resale market will not give you the clear picture and you could be fooled by the cosmetic touch-up.

How to Judge Construction Quality?

The builders’ name/brand is a good indicator of his project or his resale projects. A reputed builder in a big city will also have a big price tag, but his construction quality will be assured. In smaller cities/towns a builder is known by the amenities he offers and the good quality of finished product he provides, these help him in creating a brand for himself. In the fast booming real estate sector quality construction is the benchmark of a reputed builder and which he assures you of.

Ways in which a home buyer can check the construction quality:

FOUNDATION- Patched cracks in a building’s exterior can tell one that the building has a faulty foundation. Some other pointers are cracks in the wall of a flat, creaking or sticking doors or windows, and improperly aligned or uneven floors, bathroom or kitchen tiles.

DESIGN- A quality construction project is designed in such a way that the weight of the overall structure is evenly and scientifically distributed. A reputed developer focused on quality will not compromise on costs when providing detailed finishing and intricate detailing in the common areas and the interior of the residential units.

CONCRETE QUALITY- Good concrete which has been allowed to cure is used by the builders, check it if you can’t drive a nail in the wall you get your answer.

FIXTURES- Developers who pride themselves with quality construction will provide A-Grade fittings like door handles, taps, window frames, and electrical fittings. The common facilities like lifts will also be from a renowned manufacturer.

PAINT- Cheap paint on the walls is easy to detect. The quality of paint will tell you about the builder and you can be assured the surfaces are not made to last.

LANDSCAPES AND OPEN SPACES- The availability of open space is an indicator of quality construction, which ensures that the builder has not made use of every sellable square foot.

The true value of ‘Quality Construction’ ensures that the owner will incur less maintenance costs, and enjoy security and comfort for a long period of time and will gain in resale of the property.

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