Purchasing a home for a family with toddlers? Here are tips

Most of the first-time home buyers in India are young adults aged between 25-35 and a majority of them have toddlers or newborns. If you are one such buyer, safety of your child becomes a priority of your house hunt. Kids start roaming around the house as soon as they are able to crawl. Hence you should try and make a few alterations in your new home before moving in. Some builders are also ready to make changes as per your need.Purchasing a home for a family with toddlers? Here are tipsLet us discuss a few points you need to keep in mind:

Grills and Railings- Even if you are on the first or second floor, installing proper grills become important if you have a toddler at home. Avoid using railing designs that can easily be climbed upon. Also pay attention to the sharp edged railing designs; they can cause deep cuts on kid’s soft skin.

Open Kitchen- Nowadays, it is a rising as a trend to buy real estate with open kitchens. If you have opted for such a project, take notice of a few important things. Keep electrical gadgets and sharp cutters away from the child’s reach. Moreover, the garbage bin should be covered and kept out of the reach of your kid. 

Flooring- Go for evenly placed floor options like wooden floors and marbles. Make sure there are no protruding corners or uneven placement that can hurt a crawling baby’s knees and hands. Needless to say, keep the floor clean and tidy.

Windows- Modern style windows with sliders can be extremely risky if you have a toddler at home. Kids learn very quickly how to open doors and windows. Place internal window grills to ensure the safety of your child.

Staircase- Usually, you wouldn’t have staircases inside apartments but if you are buying a penthouse, duplex or row house, consider being super cautious about the staircase. Choose the material and design accordingly. If possible, try fixing small doors at the beginning and end of the staircase.

Electrical Outlets- Electrical points should be at a height where toddlers cannot reach. Switch caps are available in the market; use them to cover unused sockets.

Apart from these, the quality of your wall paint is also important. Use low or no VOC paint as it emits less toxic smell. Safety of your child is the first responsibility you take up when you become a parent. Your want for beauty and lavishness of the home should come only after the safety needs have been fulfilled.