The Pros of Living in Low-Rise Builder Floors

When searching for an apartment, you have to take into account several factors like location, priority to parking, public transport, etc. All such factors are hugely important to find a perfect place. However, another secondary factor which will affect your day to day lifestyle is the floor that you live on. While plenty of options are available in a high-rise apartment, a low-rise building has its own charm and advantage.

The Pros of Living in Low-Rise Builder Floors

A low-rise building has about 5 floors, maybe six sometimes. The first basic advantage of a low-rise building is low density, meaning fewer units per floor, giving you quiet surroundings to enjoy life privately. So you can live in a low-rise apartment complex, with elevator and 24/7 security system, with CCTV’s in all common areas. Low- rise also means low risk during fire or earthquakes; you can just run down the stairs. The building will be safer during natural calamity.

A better community living environment is created, as these low-rises are generally set up in clusters and form a part of a community. The benefit of this community layout is easy social exchange, you know the people around you and there is more probability of open space and greener areas. Low-rise apartment usually have on-site parking, they may have fewer amenities than those found in high rise complexes but in modern low-rise complexes, you might have a swimming-pool and a club house which you can hire for your family functions.

There are various luxury projects available with low-rise gated communities which have low density and round the clock security. Luxury and lifestyle demand has seen the emergence of elegant builder floors as preferred choice amongst upwardly mobile Indians. The concept of 3/4 level floors built on individual plots and sold to individuals on per floor bases is catching up in upscale areas of major cities. In this case you have the entire floor to yourself and at the same time it is less expensive than owning a villa. These builder floors also fetch you a better premium than your high-rises. So if you want to live in a low density area, with more privacy and a good community environment go for low-rise or builder floor projects.

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