Pros & Cons of A Modular Kitchen

Kitchen is not just a place for cooking food, it is the power-house of the home. This is where you prepare the best and worst of your dishes. There are numerous memories attached to the kitchen- working like a superhero to fix a sandwich for your kid, testing your culinary skills to match the Masterchef contestants, and preparing the best food for your family. All these memories have a place in your heart.

Pros & Cons of A Modular Kitchen

Pros & Cons of A Modular Kitchen

If we go back a decade or two, we will find that the builders did not pay much attention to the finest elements of kitchen. It was ignored by the buyers too as they concentrated on a bigger bedroom or a well-designed living room. But now the times have changed. The western concept of ‘Modular Kitchen’ came like a wave in India and now almost all of the residential projects have modular or semi-modular kitchen.

Pros of A Modular Kitchen

Made Just for Your Home- The first and foremost benefit of a modular kitchen is that it is best suited for your home and designed according to the size and layout of your space. Straight, L-Shape and U-Shape kitchens can be fixed up for you according to the area. The finishes and color of the kitchen can be planned to match the decor style of the rest of your home.

Easy to Assemble- Another important feature that attracts buyers is that it is easy to assemble and reassemble. When you move, you can disassemble, take the entire setup to your new home and then reassemble. It can also be altered for the new space. You just have to talk to your provider about this beforehand.

Space-Saving- Modular kitchen is all about shelves, cabinets, drawers and everything else in the same unit. These storage features save a lot of space in your kitchen. Now that the urban homes are reducing in size, it is important for us to find space saving techniques and nothing can be better than a modular kitchen. It helps keep your cooking area clutter-free and give it a spacious look.

Professional Approach- Since the modular kitchen is designed by experts of the industry, it has a smart outlook. It is planned keeping in mind the daily needs of an individual and how to sort the stuff according to the frequency of use. Being highly functional, it is one of the smartest technologies in the construction industry.

Modern Look- And after all, modular kitchen offers you a kitchen straight out of the movies and magazines. What else could you wish for?

Cons of A Modular KitchenHigh Price- When it is offering so many benefits, the cost of a modular kitchen will obviously be higher. More the technicalities, higher the price. A basic model of the kitchen may cost up to 1 lakh rupees and the price of a complex layout can be as high as Rs 3-4 lakhs. Apart from the initial purchase price, the cost of its maintenance can also make some of the buyers uncomfortable.

Requires the Right People to set it up- Seeing a modular kitchen at one of your friend’s house, you may think that it is very easy to design and a local carpenter can do the job for you. But the truth is that it requires trained professional to fix the perfect kitchen for your home which is the main reason behind its high cost.

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