Real Estate- North Bangalore Vs South Bangalore

Bangalore is one of those cities whose real estate market is strategically divided area-wise. Bangalore East, West, North, South and Central- all have been major real estate players of the city and are unique in the trends and patterns of its growth. If you are searching for apartments in Bangalore, you need to know about the particulars of these sub-markets.

Real Estate- North Bangalore Vs South Bangalore

In this article, we will cover the great divide between the real estate markets of North and South Bangalore. North Bangalore, being close to the international airport, started attracting much attention of the high-end industries. The area around the airport received much infrastructural push, thus improving the scenario. On the other hand, South Bangalore has always stood tall in the realty market of Bangalore. Already established infrastructure and development calls for a plush real estate scenario in this part of the city. While North Bangalore promises a steady price appreciation, South Bangalore provides the benefits of a thriving social infrastructure.Property Price Trends in South Bangalore

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Popular areas in South Bangalore for property investment include Varthur, Whitefield, Electronic City and Begur. The government is also coming up with various industrial development and SEZs in these locations. The sub-market is already a home to several Fortune 500 Companies and experts are of opinion that the markets is reaching saturation. New projects are surely coming up but lesser as compared to the other locations. Old buildings are also being remodelled into more modern structures.

The average property price, as reported by Investors Clinic Price Trends Analysis, was recorded at Rs 3,849 per sq ft at the end of August 2015. Prices have stayed quite steady over time for South Bangalore; the graph does not go through many peaks and troughs. The sub-market sees an yearly appreciation of 15 percent while for North Bangalore, it is 20-30 percent.

Whether you should choose North Bangalore or South Bangalore, totally depends on your preferences. If you want a home for end-use, South Bangalore definitely stands as a better option. With an established social and physical infrastructure, the place will have everything you need for a modern lifestyle. By all means, you should go for an old and established locality in this case. However, on the other hand, if you need a home for living as well as for investment purpose, North Bangalore would be a good idea. The development is still going on for the location, thus making it a great opportunity for reaping future benefits.

So you should have an individual perspective if you are confused between the two sub-markets. Make a list of pros and cons and then choose what suits you the best.

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