Property Buying: Vastu Tips You Must Consider for West-Facing Homes

A home buying process comprises of multiple things like money matter, interiors etc. In fact many people look for the direction of the main entrance too. This is known as home facing a particular direction. So, today know about the dos and don’ts  after buying a West-facing home as every residential property won’t fit into the budget, requirements and Vastu.

West Facing Homes

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Here are the tricks to keep the negative vibes away from the home and also know the tricks to welcome the positives energy inside your dream abode.

Well, Vastu Shastra is an ancient style of building a home at ensures smooth flow of air and positivity across the home. If you also believe in this house building technology the here are the things that you must do after purchasing a West-facing property:

  1. In case the main entry gate face towards the West direction and you find a T-junction right in front of the door then shop for the vastu partitions, vastu strips and brass strips to restrict the entry of bad vibes inside a home.

  2. Then remember that a West-facing residential property should have the roof slope designed towards the North-East direction because this zone has the ability to grab all the positive energy.

  3. Also, dig an underground water tank or a borewell whichever is easier in the North-East direction as the sufficient water storage in a housing unit denotes flourishing of goodness, health and wealth which are essential for living a good quality life.

  4. Then rejuvenate the housing property by placing the Vastu gems under the pyramids that are structured from multiple metals which should be positioned in different directions.

  5. Now make sure that all Bedrooms, washrooms, kitchen, living area, staircase and the living room are constructed in accordance with the Vastu Shastra.

  6. Lastly, design the window-opening in the North and East directions which are favorable for the consistent flow of positive energy inside a home.

 Vastu Tips to Protect West-facing Homes from an Evil-Eye

Every property has some or other Vastu-dosh this doesn’t mean that you should not look at the other favorable conditions of the property such as close proximity to the school, college, medical center, bank, ATM and Workplace for example. Here are some of the things to consider in case you buy a West-facing home:

  1. You must not extend the construction of property or the roof slope in all directions excluding the North-East direction as this zone have the ability to welcome good fortune. But be cautious as the extended construction here should not be increased more than 10 percent.

  2. Also, you should not plant or have anything which obstructs the view of the main door. This obstruction can be caused by anything such as a tree, pole, pillar etc.

  3. Also, try and avoid T-junction on around the home boundaries.

Cure Defects in West-facing Homes with Vastu Shastra

  1. Firstly, place a brass door pyramid under the main entrance door soon after owning a West-facing home/residential property.

  2. Secondly, bring in a right-hand shankha filled with water only in the North-East direction as this flowing water embrace calm, peace, positive and prosperity inside a home.

  3. Thirdly, flush out the negative energies from home every week by cleaning the home with rock salt because this ingredient has the ability to remove all the bad energies from the environment.

  4. Fourthly, hang wind chimes at the main door if your home is facing towards the West direction.

Fixing of a Vastu arrow in the opposite direction will help you stay protected from the evil spirit if the home you bought is facing towards the West direction.