This Weekend, Prepare Yourself for the Coming Ice-Cold Days

Winter is here, shorter days, crisp morning air announces that fall has arrived so get ready to refurbishing your home for winter. Busy the whole week, waiting for the weekend where you can relax in the warm, cozy, comfort of your home if you are working. The end of the year is also drawing near, summer is over, a lot has to be done, so complete cleaning and household chores for the season and at the same time enjoy the luxury of a cozy home, because you will make it nice and warm.

This Weekend, Prepare Yourself for the Coming Ice-Cold Days

It’s time to come inside the house, clear up the outside and get ready to spend time indoors. Here are a few things you can do for enjoyment while preparing yourself for the chilly days yet to come.

  • Store and clean the patio furniture, umbrellas, and children’s toys.

  • Check caulk around windows and doors, touch up paint and remove flaking paint off the railings or deck.

  • Wash exterior windows. Inspect exterior doors and garage doors, if they shut properly.

  • Check gutters and drains, and downspouts, clear the debris.

  • Have chimneys and flues inspected and have them cleaned if necessary.

The Inside Story

With winter coming, it makes sense to tuck the family into a freshly cleaned home via fall cleaning. Deep clean now to take advantage of good weather and to well the holidays with a clean, comfortable and cozy ambience.

  • Clean from top to bottom.

  • Bring out the heavy drapes, to keep the cold out. Clean the windows from the inside.

  • Vacuum clean the upholstery, rugs and air the carpets and mattresses. Launder all the duvets, comforters and blankets. Tuck the family in a warm and cozy winter bed.

  • Prepare the kitchen for winter, holiday cooking. Clear the counter tops. Clean and clear the fridge.

  • Drain the sediment from water heaters.

Spend your weekend with friends, afterall your chores are over. Ovencook and hold a party. Spend the weekend doing all the odd jobs, filing taxes, organizing documents, giving away old clothes, being indoors is the best time to clean and give your home an uncluttered look. Don’t let the feeling get you that you are coupe up because of the weekend, be creative pick up a new hobby, spend time reading or cooking for the family. Keep your home warm and cozy and have a comfortable weekend, finish your work and relax.

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