What Precautions to be taken while Installing Safety Grills

Your home is your own domain and when it comes to safety and security, there is nothing you should ignore. Grills are the most crucial part of your home, whether to cover external projections, to secure your home or to cover your windows. Ample measures must be taken to ensure the safety of the residents of the house without compromising and hampering the ventilation. You can use grills on doors and windows and ventilators thus securing your home and inmates from intruders.

How to take Precautions while Installing Safety Grills

Fabrication and using the right materials for the installation of grills is of the utmost importance. So while installing grills you should bear in mind that not only safety is important but that they should stay intact for a long time. Choose the best material and also which does not corrode easily and is free of cracks, imperfect edges, surface flaws and rough texture. Steel is a good option or some other material which can withstand rust and scaling.

While installing the MS rods, spacing between the rods should be 3 to 4 inches. The close spacing will give collective strength and make it difficult for the intruders to hack their way in. Window grills should be properly fabricated according to size and space available. Cut the rods with a cutter and not with a chisel as this will lead to imperfections and will also affect fabrication. Security grill holes, also called counter sunk holes, should be drilled into the grill before the pieces are welded. It should be noted that grills are welded fast to the window frames in the iron windows and that no cavity holes should be left alone.

Fix grills with steel screws. They are the best for installing wooden or aluminum frames. They hold fast and can withstand stress and impart strength. Precautions while installing door grills for safety need use of proper technique. Ensure to properly fabricate grills according to size and space available. Use safe lifting technique and enough people when handling heavy door grills. Primary coat should be done before fixing the grill. Choose a professional to do the job.

Invisible grills are the latest to hit the market. Made in Singapore, they can be used in limited areas only. Whatever the kind of material used proper precautions should be taken while installing grills so that everybody is safe and they can give you proper protection, ventilation and stand the test of time.

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