Points to Consider While Buying a Home on the Basis of Sample Flat

India’s real estate market has completely evolved as a new sector from the past sometime. The reasons behind this growth are technology and competition. Also, the developers use multiple ways to attract the smart home buyers. Today, most of the aspiring prospects make a site visit to the plot or the under-construction building in order to witness how their dream home is going to look like. This ritual of visiting a site in order to buy property is not new, but the inception of Sample Flat at the site is something new as the construction-style has changed a lot in the recent times.

Sample Flat

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So, here are the things to consider while visiting a sample flat. But before that know what sample flat is?

What is a Sample Flat?

The sample flat is a fully-furnished apartment/home built by the developer/builder on-site of the proposed housing project. This housing accommodation consists of customized furniture that makes the whole unit look spacious and offers an impressive look to the aspiring buyers.

Difference between Sample Flat and Actual Flat

The sample flat is smaller in size as compared to the actual flats. But, the builder/developer make this flat look opulent by installing high-quality marble, granite, carpets, furniture and light fixtures. This well-furnished housing unit enhances the zest to own such a beautiful home and thus the home buyers get attracted to a specific housing project.

The actual flats are different from the sample flat in size. Another point that separates these two accommodations is interior decoration. The actual flat is not furnished in terms of furniture, modular kitchen and other amenities. Thus the unit you finalize to buy may look different from a sample flat.

Things to Look for While Visiting a Sample Flat

  1. Don’t assume that the final product will be the exact copy of the sample flat.

  2. Check whether the fitting and fixtures installed in the sample flat are of premium quality. Also, ask the developer/builder if the same quality material will be used for installing fittings and fixtures in the actual apartment/flat.

  3. Consider the unit area, as the builder/developer place small-sized furniture in a sample flat in order to make the place look capacious.

  4. Do check the height and area of every room from flooring to ceiling before making a decision.

Benefits of Buying a Sample Flat

The home buying process incorporates various things such as location, price, amenities and security. But, a sample flat is the  ready-to-move-in apartment/flat that answer prospect’s all queries in a positive manner. So, there are certain benefits of buying a sample flat and these advantages are listed below.

  1. The home buyer can move-in a fully-furnished home/flat/apartment in the least time possible.

  2. The amenity-enabled sample flat makes living a comfortable affair.

  3. The buying of a sample flat means you are going to pay for what all is installed or the amenities that are provided in this housing unit.

  4. A sample flat comes with a pre-installed modular kitchen, quality marble flooring and other amenities. Also, the cost of this flat is lesser in comparison to the actual flat. Hence, this is not a bad deal for many aspiring home buyers.

In the end, we suggest you take time and discuss the property with the family and then take a final call about buying of the same on the basis of what all is offered in a sample flat.