Penthouses: The Trendiest Concept in Luxury Housing

Over the last 10 years, the luxury housing market of India has been witnessing tremendous growth. Increased level of income and the desire for a better standard of living are the main reasons why the demand for luxury homes is on the rise. Penthouses are coming up as the trendiest concept in the luxury housing segment.
Penthouses: The Trendiest Concept in Luxury HousingA penthouse is a large flat on the uppermost floor of a high-rise apartment and is characterized with distinguished modern luxuries. It is demanded by the urban dwellers who want to make a statement with their lifestyle. Comprising of avant-garde amenities, penthouses are also seen as a status symbol in the market.

A penthouse usually spreads over an area of 2000-2500 sq ft. Situated on the top floor, these homes offer a panoramic view of the city. Private terrace gardens, aquariums, library, house cinema, plunge pools, jacuzzi, bar etc., are some of the world-class features a penthouse offers. Large closets and ground to roof windows are some other features that characterize these high-profile homes. Some also have an in-house office area or recreational space. Penthouses offer a perfect retreat after a hectic day, a secluded place to unleash your ownself.

The price of penthouses differs according to the locations. In metro cities like Delhi/NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore, the price of such residential properties may range between 2 Cr to 70 Cr whereas in the non-metro cities it may be lesser. Given the lavish facilities, these homes also hold good resale value i.e., almost equal to the original price paid.

Many of the potential buyers have one single question in mind- “Is the penthouse worth the price?” However, the experts have varied responses on this. While taking the final call to purchase a penthouse, the monetary factor obviously holds the utmost importance. Hence, you must make sure whether you actually want to invest such huge sum in return for world-class perks. Having a penthouse in a prime location is in itself a statement of your lavish lifestyle which is why the demand for it is continuously increasing in the Indian real estate market.