How to Blend Patterns and Textures in Your Home Decor

Colors, pattern and textures are the three stylistic pillars of creating a contemporary style home decor. These three aspects can help you create the style, mood and feel of each room in your home. You can create a certain effect with color, play with patterns and textures to infuse style, class and creativity in your home décor. Blending texture and patterns can be done to create a subtle and elegant look or you can get bold and innovative to create a very trendy and modern ambience.

How to Blend Patterns and Textures in Your Home Decor

Texture is a visual or tactile surface characteristic of maybe a fabric, timber, carpet or glass. Pattern on the other hand is size, scale or proportion of a design. Blending the two along with the right color can create a magnificent décor.

Texture is of two types smooth or rough, you can use it according to the effect you want to create. Some examples of rough texture are timber, brick, carpet, wickerwork, coir and furs. These give a rustic homely feeling. Smooth textures can be glass chrome, plastic, lacquered polish; they give a more formal look. It is important to balance color with texture and pattern to provide a harmonious environment. When using texture you have to take into consideration the absorptive/reflective nature of the surface with regards to the effect of light on the colors.

Patterns can be of different sizes; they should complement the texture and blend with them. Pattern will always make a room look smaller no matter what size or color you use. You can make a single patterned item the focal point of a room that has no special architectural features to highlight. Just use monochromatic textural scheme of creams, using linens, leathers, rattan chairs, simply place a woolen rug with some geometric designs and some huge dollop of red in the center of the room the furniture surrounding it. This is how you can blend texture and pattern in your home decor.

One can blend rough texture with bright patterns or smooth texture with subtle patterns and neutral colors. It is very innovative, so mix and match and make the best use of these elements to enhance your home décor. Nothing works better than a touch of rustic with the infusion of modern. Think out of the box and create your own personal style with a blend of texture, pattern and not forgetting the importance of color.

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