How to Make Patterned Tiles Work All Around the House

Patterned tiles, that were earlier considered a risky gambit by the designers, are now back in trend. The popularity of these eclectic tiles lies in the grand look they offer to the home. Since, urban lifestyles are becoming casual by the year, homebuyers and interior designers are now all game to try something new to blend with. These tiles can be of any type from cement to ceramic, encaustic and porcelain and can have any pattern ranging from geometric to large-floral, ethnic motifs and wood-grain prints. The only way to master the chic patterned tiles is to execute it the right way.

How to Make Patterned Tiles Work All Around the House

Let us talk about some trendy ways of putting patterned tiles to work all around the house:

Kitchen Patchwork- Nowadays, most of the homes have open kitchens and an extended dining area. When a unique patchwork look is given to the floor, it can add some excitement to the rather sterile corner of your house. Some porcelain geometric patterns on the kitchen floor area will separate it from the dining table and also create a focal point. Kitchen is the best place to start with and this jumble of color and patterns can work some magic.

Bathroom Feature Wall- Patterned tiles can also work well in the bathroom; they can give a niche look to the area behind your shower curtains (shower stall). Geometrical designs work very well in the wet areas. Select a pattern you love and create a feature wall in your bathroom. Let every part of your home speak of your personality.

Grand Entryway- If the main door of your house leads into an entryway before opening into a room, then this is the perfect canvas to try out your patterned tiles frenzy. Designer tiles add a royal feeling to the entrance and do away with the need of a rug. However, you need to choose the right texture to avoid slippery trips when the floor is wet.

Work Space Creativity- Most of the homes, these days, have a small work space or if not a study or a library. Patterned tiles work the best in these small areas of the home to give them an accent. Make the floor of your home office in some chic pattern to give it a ‘put together’ look. It will also be the best place to hold meetings.

Fireplace & Mantel- Though not many homes have fireplaces in India, those that have can give their home a focal point by doing the mantel area in wild patterned tiles. Accent it with some vintage home decor items.

Patio Makeover- The high class individuals who own a magnificent villa with large areas for patios or balconies have the entire liberty to convert these spaces into something magical. A floor tile extended to half length of the walls gives it a spacious feeling.

Indoor Outdoor Wall- In homes that have a glass sliding door partition into the balcony, the common wall between indoor and outdoor can be decorated into the accent wall with patterned tiles.

Chic patterned tiles are a great way to give a modern and royal makeover to your home decor. Experiment with crazy patterns on the accent wall or as a backsplash to the kitchen cabinets. A ceiling too high can be decorated with geometric tiles to give an illusion of shortened height. Draw ideas from your inspirations and create a resplendent home decor.

So, are you a fan of patterned tiles? Tell us your view in comments.

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