Want to Invest in Real Estate? Here is Why You Should Choose Yamuna Expressway

Want to Invest in Real Estate? Here is Why You Should Choose Yamuna ExpresswayIf you want a property solely for investment purpose, the time horizon is one of the most important considerations. It is always good to have a longer time horizon for investment, say 3-5 years. Records show that investment in young and growing cities has always been fruitful. You should invest in places, the development strategy of which is already on papers.

Noida and Gurgaon stand as the two relevant examples of the same.

15 years ago, Noida Sector 15 and 18 were in the initial stages of development. Properties were available at an average rate of Rs 2,000-2,200 per sq ft. Now the average property price in these locations is as high as Rs 8,000-12,000 per sq ft. Prices have multiplied manifolds. Commercial properties in Sector 18 have witnessed an appreciation of 15-20% in the last 15 years. [Read more…]

Buying Vs Renting: What should you go for?

Buying Vs Renting: What should you go for?

All of us want to have a house of our own. But given that a property purchase is a costly affair, not all of us can afford it. However, there are varying opinions on whether to rent a house or to buy one. Some believe that renting is a total waste of money which could be saved and utilized to finance a property purchase. On the other hand, some believe that renting opens the doors to more options in terms of location, type and proximity to the workplace.

The first and foremost advantage of home buying is asset creation. When you buy a house, you add an asset to your wealth portfolio which would also give excellent returns after 10-15 years. Owning a house brings stability to your life which is really important after you settle down with your family. On the other hand, renting provides one of the biggest advantages an own-home cannot offer i.e., flexibility. If you are in the initial stages of your career, renting is a viable option as you can change your house as per the needs of your changing lifestyle. [Read more…]

Want a Property for End Use? Find The Best Options Here!

Want a Property for End Use? Find The Best Options Here!For those who are looking for a property for end use, there are plenty of options available in the National Capital Region (NCR). However, it depends on how soon you want to move in to your new home. If you want to shift within a year, you should look for properties that are close to completion. Some projects that will be completed within a year include Lotus Greens Panache, Lotus Greens Boulevard, Supertech Cape Town, etc. Several options in resale are also available if you want to shift immediately.

For those who plan to shift within 3 years, there are several newly launched projects in Noida. Lotus Greens Sports City is one such project. Located in Sector 150, it enjoys good connectivity with prime areas of NCR. Large sized flats with premium facilities would be available at a rate of 4,500-5,000 per sq ft. If your budget is Rs 1 Crore, you can easily get high-end homes for a price of around Rs 90 lakh. [Read more…]

Property Options for Individuals Earning 50-60k Per Month!

Property Options for Individuals Earning 50-60k Per Month!For those who earn a monthly salary of 50-60 thousand, property purchase can be a preferable investment. In this salary bracket, one can easily afford a property worth Rs 25 Lakh- 35 Lakh with the help of home loan.

It would be better to go for a newly launched or under construction property as the prices are low in these stages. Localities like NH-24 and Noida Extension (Greater Noida West) have many options in the budget of 25-35 lakhs.

For the projects in NH-24 and Greater Noida West, developers are also offering the Deferred Payment Scheme and Subvention Scheme. Deferred payment scheme is the 40:60 plan and usually for a project that is about to complete. You have to pay 40% on booking and the rest 60% on possession. Some builders also offer 40:30:30 plan where you have to pay 40% on booking, 30% on a later date (say on structure completion) and the rest 30% at the time of possession. [Read more…]

Earning 30-40k per month? You can afford a property in NCR!

Earning 30-40k per month? You can afford a property in NCR!Yes. Even if you are in the initial stages of your career and earning 30-40k per month, you can still buy a property. To make the property purchase easier for the buyers, developers have come up with innovative payment plans. Subvention scheme would be the best in this case.

Subvention Scheme is a special payment plan offering the buyer to pay in the ratio of 10:80:10 (the ratio can differ from developer to developer). You will have to pay 10% at the time of booking and 10% at the time of possession. For the rest 80%, there is a three way agreement between the bank, the builder and the buyer. The bank loans the amount and the interest accrued have to be paid by the builder till possession. This way, the buyer will have to pay the EMIs only after getting possession. [Read more…]

How to choose the best payment plan?

How to choose the best payment plan?Property purchase is one of the major financial decision of an individual’s life. To make it less burdensome for the buyers, the developers have come up with innovative payment plans. But every plan has its own terms and conditions; its own advantages and disadvantages.

To get a better idea as to which real estate payment plan is best suited for you according to your financial condition and other requirements, let us analyze the plans in some details:

Down Payment Plan (DP)- As the name suggests, the Down Payment Plan requires you to pay a major part of the amount at the time of booking. It is good for entrepreneurs and businessmen or those who have enough saving to pay a major amount upfront. This plan, however, is not very safe in case the project is delayed. Since you would have paid a considerable amount, recovering it from the developer can be a frustrating affair. Given the risks involved, developers also offer higher rates of discounts on Down Payment Plan. [Read more…]

How Did The Real Estate Industry Perform in the Year 2014?

How Did The Real Estate Industry Perform in the Year 2014?Year 2014 brought a bag of mixed feelings for the Indian Real Estate Industry. Though the first half was rather slow, second half of the year was fast enough to make up for it. After the Union Budget was announced in the beginning of financial year 2014-15, a wave of positivity was seen in the real estate market.

Affordable housing was given the top priority status. As a result, the state government authorities started launching affordable housing projects in their respective areas. HUDA in Gurgaon and DDA in Delhi came up with numerous flats for the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS), Lower Income Group (LIG) and Middle Income Group (MIG). Private builders also launched affordable projects in different parts of the country to support the government’s initiative. [Read more…]

Luxury Housing: What do Indian Buyers Want?

Luxury Housing: What do Indian Buyers Want?The definition of luxury in India is as diverse as its culture. Same is the case with the term ‘luxury housing’. Every developer offers a different set of facilities and amenities to market his project as ‘luxury home’. They go for regular design upgradation and use innovative construction technology to add to the lavish features of the project. But there is need for a definite set of parameters that would qualify a project as ‘luxury’.

Along with the amenities, the location and size of the home also matter a lot for an average Indian homebuyer. According to the polls conducted by Magicbricks.com, an Indian buyer is also inclined towards the open space his home offers. Private lawns and open gardens are highly demanded by the buyers. This pretty much explains why developers are increasingly offering terrace gardens, private lawns and porches in their luxury projects. [Read more…]

RBI Eases Home Loan Norms to Support Affordable Housing Mission

RBI Eases Home Loan Norms to Support Affordable Housing MissionFor a middle class person, buying a home is like a dream come true. One has to start saving way before in order to be able to pay for the house. Home loans are efficient means of funding a property purchase. It also helps in long term budget planning and tax saving. Now that the home loan market has become organized, banks cater to every need of the home-seekers by offering easier plans and competitive interest rates.

Supporting the affordable housing policy of the government, RBI has recently eased the home loan norms for properties priced less than 10 lakhs. Till date, banks did not include the stamp duty and registration charges in the cost of the unit for the purpose of calculating loan to value ratio. However, RBI has now allowed the banks to include the registration charges, stamp duty and other documentation charges in the total cost of the property, if it costs less than 10 lakh. [Read more…]

Year 2015 Expected to Bring Revival for the Real Estate Industry

Year 2015 Expected to Bring Revival for the Real Estate IndustryAfter the coming of Modi government, the second half of year 2014 proved to be the phase of recovery for the realty sector. The property prices showed an upward trend for both residential and commercial sector. A revival was seen in the buyers’ and investors’ sentiments. They have started giving much preference to the condition of infrastructure and security before buying the property.

The market saw an increase in the demand for affordable housing. There is a larger segment of end users who prefer affordable houses in smaller configurations. The demand for properties below 30 lakhs was seen in almost all the cities across the country including Delhi, NCR, Bengaluru and Chennai. Also, the buyers seem to be more inclined towards apartments than villas and builder floors. When it comes to investment in property, Delhi NCR tops the charts. [Read more…]