Real Estate Scenario to Improve by This Fiscal Year: Global Rating Agency Fitch

The Indian property market is likely to see an improvement this fiscal year” reports the Global Rating Agency Fitch. The reduction in interest rates and the upgraded scenario of the Indian Investment Market has brought a good news for the debt-ridden real estate development companies.
Real Estate Scenario to Improve by This Fiscal Year: Global Rating Agency FitchIn January, the Reserve Bank called for a 0.50 per cent reduction in the key policy rates. This, in turn, will prompt the commercial banks to offer home loans to the buyers at reduced interest rates. It is also beneficial for the property developers as they will have greater exposure to the middle class and lower-middle class home buyers who did not invest in properties because of the high rates of interests.
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Why Should You Buy a Second Home?

Second homes are trending in the Indian real estate market as an investment, a steady source of income, a gateway, a hideaway, a holiday home or a as a safe retreat after retirement. It is what people conceptualise as a good concept and futuristic thought. If one has the means and wants to put their money in safe investments, so what is better than real estate! Your own safe immovable asset. This is one investment where a huge boom, not a slump is expected.Why Should You Buy a Second Home?There are various options in the real estate market, you can have second home in the city and lease it with a steady income filling up your coffers. Buying properties in some natural, scenic environment could be your getaway hideout away from the day to day hustle and bustle of a claustrophobic life. A lot of holiday homes have come up in places which are hill stations, holiday resorts, country sides, etc. You can invest in these properties, use them as a second home when you want and lease out the property when not in use. Builders are offering various schemes for such upcoming projects, in real exotic surroundings. [Read more…]

Trial Landing of Fighter Plane Mirage-2000 on Yamuna Expressway

The most sensational news for today is the landing of the fighter jet Mirage-2000 on Yamuna Expressway. This was a test landing by the Indian Air Force (IAF) after the consent of Uttar Pradesh Government as a trial to use the highways and civil airstrips for emergency landing of fighter jets. The parties that took active participation in the test landing includes UP Government, Yamuna Expressway authorities, civil police and other authorities related to the development of the expressway.

After the successful landing of Mirage-2000, the government gave proper approvals to convert the three kilometer stretch of Yamuna Expressway into a road runway for the emergency landing of fighter planes. The jet landed near the 118th milestone of the expressway around 6:40 am. 100 technical ground personnel were deployed at the spot to ensure successful landing of the jet. [Read more…]

HDFC Report Shows ‘Improved Affordability’ in Indian Real Estate Market

According to the investors report published by HDFC Bank, the Indian real estate sector has witnessed an improved affordability. However, the price trends seem to be going north as opposed to what the report suggests. But being a major home loan lender in the market, HDFC Bank has undertaken an intensive research based on the customers who approach them for a home loan.HDFC Report Shows ‘Improved Affordability’ in Indian Real Estate Market

The bank has put forward ‘affordability’ as a relative term that is affected not only by the property prices but also by the annual income of the buyers. Affordability here is calculated by dividing the property prices by the annual income. This relative figure for the year 2015 is 4.4. The same was 4.7 in 2013 and 4.6 in 2014. The decrease in this relative affordability figure shows that real estate properties have become comparatively affordable this year. It was only in 2004 that the value was below 4.4 which makes it evident that it was not so affordable to buy real estate in the last ten years. [Read more…]

Indoor Plants for Your Home

Green plants and you can feel a breath of fresh air. Not only do the plants which are grown indoors (houseplants) brighten up your surroundings but also help in purifying the air inside your home. Some of the plants grown indoors have medicinal values. Plants are not only therapeutic in nature but also help in removing negative vibes or energies. Let a clean, pure, natural environment come into your living room.
Indoor Plants for Your HomeAccording to NASA report of the 80s, house plants help in filtering out some toxic gases and help in purifying the air. Plants need to be taken care of, so just keeping them is not the important part; they have to be nurtured with utmost care as you would tend to your young ones. It is believed that if you talk to your plants, play music for them, they grow faster and stay healthy. Right amount of sunshine, water and nutrients are also very important.
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Purchasing a home for a family with toddlers? Here are tips

Most of the first-time home buyers in India are young adults aged between 25-35 and a majority of them have toddlers or newborns. If you are one such buyer, safety of your child becomes a priority of your house hunt. Kids start roaming around the house as soon as they are able to crawl. Hence you should try and make a few alterations in your new home before moving in. Some builders are also ready to make changes as per your need.Purchasing a home for a family with toddlers? Here are tipsLet us discuss a few points you need to keep in mind:

Grills and Railings- Even if you are on the first or second floor, installing proper grills become important if you have a toddler at home. Avoid using railing designs that can easily be climbed upon. Also pay attention to the sharp edged railing designs; they can cause deep cuts on kid’s soft skin. [Read more…]

Knight Frank’s Skyscraper 2015 Report: Mumbai Ranks 15th on Global Index

Everyone is aware of the high property prices and high rental rates in Mumbai but a recent study has shown that Mumbai holds the 15th rank in the list of world’s prime office skyscrapers on rent. The study was conducted by the Global Real Estate Consultants Company- Knight Frank.The study was conducted for office skyscrapers in 18 prime property markets throughout the world.
Knight Frank’s Skyscraper 2015 Report: Mumbai Ranks 15th on Global Index

The study was based on different criteria including the trend of rental yields, the growth prospects, the number of new high rises built in the cities, etc. The rank one of the world’s highest rented office skyscrapers is bagged by Hong Kong. On an average, the city earns a rental yield of $250.50 per square feet annually. Though the city earns the highest rent yields, the report reflects a constrained CBD area and a low vacancy rate. [Read more…]

Why should you invest in Indian smart cities

Real estate will prove a good investment option and it also scores over gold as an investment option by a long shot. The ‘Smart Cities’ concept has been given a great push by the government and it has decided to fund 100 smart cities all over India.‘Smart Cities’ in itself has become an autonomous system. It is a fully loaded entity which will have expansive green landscape, immaculate architecture and an exhaustive line up of world class amenities. The housing according to the government will be for all i.e. affordable.
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Circle Rates and Property Prices: All You Need to Know

The property prices in an area are affected by a number of factors. One such factor is the Circle Rate. Circle rates are determined by the revenue department or development authorities of the state government and are known by the name of ‘Ready Reckoner’ in Mumbai and ‘Guidance Values’ in Karnataka. It can be defined as the minimum price at which a residential or commercial property, plot or a built-up structure can be sold or transferred.Circle Rates and Property Prices: All You Need to KnowBasically, the circle rates are set to define the amount of stamp duty one has to pay to the government on a property transaction. When the government publishes the Circle Rates officially, it becomes the minimum floor price. This is considered as the minimum price because if the property is sold below the set reference rates the difference is seen as black money by the income tax department. Hence, neither the developers sell below this rate nor do the buyers purchase below it. [Read more…]

Financial Implication: Under Construction vs Ready to Move in

One of the main questions that confuses a first-time home-buyer is whether he should buy a home in a ready-to-move-in project or make a booking in an under-construction project. Both the options have their own pros and cons.
Financial Implication: Under Construction vs Ready to Move inAs the name suggests, an under-construction property is one that is still in the development process and is not fit for immediate move in. The main issue related to the under construction property is the delay in completion of the project. The project may be delayed due to any reason, the most prevalent are those related to financial consequences and litigation issues. In case of ready to move in properties, you do not have to suffer the risk of delay. You get immediate value for money. [Read more…]