PM to inaugurate Eastern Peripheral E-way by month end: Nitin Gadkari

The Eastern Peripheral Expressway (EPE), which is also known as India’s first smart and green highway is almost at the verge of completion and will be inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi by the end of this month.

Eastern Expressway

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Giving information on this, Road transport minister Nitin Gadkari told reporters that the Prime Minister will dedicate the 135-km six-lane access-controlled expressway which is built at a cost of nearly Rs 11,000 crore to the nation by the end of this month. This e-way will help to decongest the increasing traffic of national capital.

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5 Reasons Why Gated Community is Better

Today, the aspiring home buyers look for buying property in housing societies and thus the concept of Gated Community is gaining popularity. In fact, this type of living is better as compared to other housing projects as one is safe and secured inside the premises of a Gated Community.

Gated Community

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One important reason for home buying in a Gated Community is the design of this place. The architectural design here defines the entry and exit points of the society and thus every unidentified person has to check-in before entering into the vicinity of a Gated Community.

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Beautiful Door Decoration Ideas for your Home Design

The entry door is the first thing that leaves an impact on the guest’s mind. Definitely, you must have seen various decorative hanging items in the market but these are the repetitive and common things that people use to style their entry gate. But, you must be looking for something different to decorate the main gate of your adobe as a home décor reflects person’s style and persona.

Door Decoration Ideas

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So, we have brought some trendy door decorative ideas to help you make the home look cool and chic this summer season.

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Benefits of Owning Property Jointly by Married Couple

The marriage is an institution where two people agree to stand by each other during good and the bad times in life. In fact, the married people have better savings and investment options.  And what’s better than buying a home for these accomplishing these two purposes.

Owning Property Jointly by Married Couple

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Yes, jointly owning property has multiple benefits which a couple can avail irrespective of the fact that one person is working and other is a dependent. So, take a look at the advantages of jointly owning property which you can avail as a married couple.

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Consider These Things While Transferring Property to Children

Are you thinking about transferring your property to Children? Then, let us tell you that transferring of a property title is not an easy thing especially in India. As, one needs to produce various legal and other documents in order to proof relationship, income, and the property one wishes to transfer.

Transferring Property to Children

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Therefore you as a parent must know things which are necessary to consider for transferring property in blood relation like that to a Son or a Daughter. This includes all types of properties such as Apartment, Independent Villa, Bungalows, and even a penthouse.

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6 Things to Know While Buying Property to Earn Rental Income

The increase in income inflow enhance the chances of earning dual properties and the home buyers today have become smarter than ever and thus wish to invest in buying a second home. Actually, the paying of two home loans at the same time is difficult and the maintenance of two properties in one go is also a challenging task to perform.

Rental Income from Home

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In short, the home buyer needs to hire tenants for any one of the properties they have and the buying of a second home alias property is best to earn a fixed rental amount. But, buying of a second home does not assure you to earn a fixed rental income as a lot of factors depend upon the incoming of rental income. Therefore you must consider the below-given list of things before purchasing a second home as an investment option.

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Know the best cities to look for Affordable Housing in India

In order to boost the affordable housing segment across India, the Central government has already announced many schemes to provide housing to all. Even the real estate sector is happy with this initiative as they are getting good capital appreciation and healthy returns. Apart from this home buyer across the country are also seeing growth in the affordable housing sector which was very less in earlier times.

Affordable housing in India

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Affordable housing is targeted towards a particular section of society which generally include lower and middle-income group. However, there are various factors which play an important role in defining the affordable housing for example household income, location, price, size of dwelling units, employment opportunities, government incentives, etc.

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7 Bottle Vase Ideas to Refresh your Home Décor

Home decoration is one thing that people emphasis on and also notices how well their friends have decorated the adobe. This gives an idea about enhancing the home beauty.

Bottle Vase Ideas

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But, with the availability of DIY – do it yourself ideas many people make their castle look perfectly decorated. Honestly, we all have a creative side and the only thing that makes a difference is an initiative to explore.

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A quick guide: Know ways to manage home loan EMIs during financial crisis

Buying a house is always a dream for any buyer. So when you buy a property on home loan, you must keep many things in mind whether you will be able to repay it or not.  Sometimes, repaying home loan becomes a difficult obligation if one fails to pay regular EMI.  This may happen as certain circumstances are beyond one’s control, such as loss of job, temporary extra expenditure or prolonged illness which may lead to financial crisis. But banks do not understand these problems as they were told to go through their own policy process.

home loan EMIs during financial crisis

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Even the government of India these days has strengthened the laws governing non-performing assets (NPAs), by giving more power to the financial institutions, to recover the NPAs. And the worst part which is affected if you become a defaulter is your credit score. This will make difficult to avail loans in the future. Even a legal notice is sent to the defaulter if one misses two EMIs continuously.

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Selling Property? Keep the Legal and Taxable Aspect in Mind

The process of selling home involves two people initially but a proper selling deal includes three persons who are:

  1. Seller

  2. Buyer

  3. Legal Expert

Selling Property

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The reason behind hiring a legal person is important as this professional helps in completing all the legal procedure and makes transferring of property title and receiving of money easier. In fact, you as a seller must talk about the mode of payment and paperwork prior to finalizing the property deal.

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