How to Get Home Loan post Rejection

A rejection is not an easy thing to digest. But sometimes we have to face it due to some technical reasons. Yes, here I am talking about specifications.  Thus, you must try to keep proper documentation of everything as it helps in timely completion of various procedures.

Home Loan post Rejection

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The procedure and documentation are directly related to the home buying process. So, if you have selected a dream home then congratulations first of all. Secondly, you must apply for a type of home loan that suits your budget. But, a major trouble may obstruct your smooth drive to home. It is because of incomplete paperwork or your age, etc. In fact, there are many reasons for a home loan rejection. Thus, don’t get disappointed as you still remain eligible for a home loan post rejection also.

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Good News: Jewar Airport could be operational by December 2021

Greater Noida: If all goes by the timeline, then Jewar International airport may start its operation by end of 2021. The new Greenfield airport at Jewar is expected to end the congestion at the IGI Airport.

Jewar Airport

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A meeting took place last week between Civil Aviation Ministry, Airport Authority of India and YEIDA officials in which the officials visited the site of the Jewar airport in Greater Noida and assessed the progress of the project.

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Good News for Home Buyers: GST Rate comes down to 8 % under PMAY Scheme

New Delhi: For those who are looking to buy their house in 2018, here is good news for them. In a bid to promote Government’s affordable housing scheme, the GST Council has recently announced several important recommendations for the housing sector. These changes will come into force with effect from 25 January 2018.

Good news for home buyers

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As per the new recommendations, now homebuyers who want to buy their house under the Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme will be entitled to concessional goods and services tax (GST) rate of 8%. Earlier they were charged a GST rate of 12%.

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Dos & Don’ts of Home Loan Repayment

A home loan is something that gives Goosebumps to almost every one of us. Thus, you must assure yourself with a proper repayment plan while applying for the same. As this is a perfect way to deposit the home loan amount in a short span of time. But, apart from drawing a proper payment plan you should also keep the dos and don’ts of the home loan repayment in mind.

Home Loan Repayment

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Remember every loan comes with little uncertainty. This is mainly because of the three below-mentioned reasons.

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Six Steps to Sell Property Quickly

Home selling is a tough task. Thus, people approach realtor to accomplish their home selling purpose in short span of time. But, no one is sure to find a cultivated realtor who can help them find a right prospect within the minimum period of time. So, if you are one of the property sellers then here are the essential tips to sell property quickly.

Sell Property Quickly

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1. Arrange the Place Nicely

Remember, the first impression is the last impression. So, rearrange the property by removing unnecessary items from the place. We suggest you bring in closets of different sizes and store articles inside it. This will make your place look spacious and also gives the approx. idea of the carpet area.

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Why Location is Important While Buying Property?

The location plays an important role while finalizing a property deal. Thus, both the realtors and the buyers explore the pros and cons of a location. In fact, the sites are so much crucial that the rise and dip in the property markets depend largely on it. This is why every one of you must know some technical things about the location factor.

Why Location is Important While Buying Property

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Yes, there are some common things that we keep in mind but usually these factors are not the exact ones to assess the value of locality. So, take a glance at the below-listed points as we unveil the reasons why location is important while buying property.

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Union Budget 2018: What Real Estate Sector wants from FM Arun Jaitley?

The real estate sector saw many ups and downs in the year 2017, whether in the form of Demonetization or announcement of many structural policy reforms which otherwise led to the complete overhaul of the real estate industry. With budget 2018 on its way, the realty sector is restraining its hopes for relief measures like lower taxes and infrastructure status.

Union Budget  in real estate sector

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Key issues or areas of concern for the sector

Industry Status: It’s been a long pending demand of real estate players that this sector must be allotted an ‘Industry status’. Because of no such status it becomes difficult for the real estate sector to avail legitimate finances from banks and other financial institutions.   As per many experts, industry status to the sector can help it in getting low-cost loans and in turn reducing project costs, which will finally benefit buyers.

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Five Things Every Real Estate Investor Must Know

Thinking about investing in real estate sector? Yes, but being inexperienced in the property market is a thing to worry. Thus, many people think twice before making a move in this industry. Of course, having a prior understanding of things is good especially when you are ready to take on something new. But, this anxiousness must not restrict you from performing to the best of your ability. Henceforth, all the investors must know the basics of the real estate market.

Five Things Every Real Estate Investor Must Know

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So, brace yourself for an exciting journey on the road to success in the property market with the below-mentioned points.

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Planning to Buy your First Home in a Year’s Time? Here are Some Simple Steps

Buying first home is always a dream for everyone. Obviously one gets freedom to decorate, have big rooms and other living space etc. We know that switching from one house to another is always stressful. But when one move to his own house, then the feeling is exhilarating.

buy your first home in a year

Especially for a first time buyer, buying a home is the most important investment. Many sentiments and pride associated with it. A number of questions arise in the mind and sometimes this process lands home buyers in more panic state. [Read more…]

YEIDA to Launch Schemes to Auction Land in Jewar

Keeping in mind to fast-track the work in and around Jewar airport, the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) is all set to launch two land schemes in its area. The land will be auctioned to develop 5-star hotels and industrial units in YEIDA area.

 YEIDA to Launch Schemes to Auction Land in Jewar

The two schemes will cover around 650 acres of land area. Giving information about the two schemes YEIDA CEO Arun Vir Singh told, “In the first scheme we will auction five plots of 10 acres of land for setting up 5-star hotels. These plots are located in sectors 21, 28 and 29. This scheme will be time-bound and plots will be allotted on a two-bid system including technical and financial bids. The reserve price fixed for these commercial plots is Rs 34,000 per square meter.”

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