Things to Keep in Mind before Buying Property from NRIs

Both the NRIs and the property market are attracted to each other. Thus, many people face a situation where the real estate agent talks about a property of an NRI which is for sale. As a result, the buyers also get a bit involved in this kind of property but there are certain things to consider before buying a property from an NRI i.e. the Non-Resident India. So, don’t fall for a wrong deal as we here list the essential things every home buyer should know before purchasing a property from an NRI:

Buying Property from NRIs

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Tripartite Agreement: Know Its Basics and Why It is Important

Like the Occupancy and Encumbrance Certificate, the Tripartite Agreement is also an essential part of home buying and this document is important to avail financial support from the bank. So, here are the things you must know about the Tripartite Agreement as almost every second home buyer look up to the financial institutions to get a home loan sanctioned within the minimum time possible:

Tripartite Agreement

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Flexi Payment Plan: Know its basics and benefits for home buyers

While buying a house, an individual goes through a roller coaster ride right from searching to shifting; the other task which too requires a lot of brain-twisting is the way to disburse the hard-earned money in various stages of property booking.

Flexi Payment Plan

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Considering all these aspects, developers have divided the real estate purchase into 4 different types of payment modes- Construction-Linked Plans (CLP), Down Payment Plan (DPP), Flexible Payment Plan and Subvention Schemes. Of the four, a flexi-payment plan is one of the most sought after payment options. So let’s understand about this plan in detail:

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Comprehensive Guide on Stamp Duty Rates for Homebuyers

Stamp Duty is the tax that buyers pays to the Government while purchasing property which may fall under Residential, Commercial, freehold or leasehold. This duty is a kind of direct tax which is levied on the property buyers and the percentage of this tax varies from State to State as there are several factors to be considered before finalizing the Stamp duty percentage. So, if you are also an aspiring home buyer then here are things to know about Stamp Duty:

Stamp Duty

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Jewar Airport: YEIDA launched scheme to allot land for industry

The Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) has recently launched a scheme to allot land to set up industries near the proposed Jewar International airport. Under the scheme, which is all set to start from today, YEIDA is offering 4000 sq. meters of land to set up an industry.

Land near Jewar airport

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Providing more details about the scheme, Arunveer Singh, CEO of YEIDA, said, “The scheme will start today. Plots over 4,000 square meters will be allotted to the industrialists under this open-ended scheme,”

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Know the Process to File a Case under RERA ACT

Formulated in the year 2016, the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016, also known as the RERA Act has been the reason to cheer for the aspiring home buyers. This is because, now the people have got a legal way to deal with all property relates issues like timely possession, lawful layout and more. Unfortunately, the property buying process turn into a sore affair some time and this is when you the home buyer must know about how to file a complaint with RERA authority which we have listed here in detail:

Rera Act

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North Hyderabad: A residential hotspot for Property Investors

In recent times, the residential market of Hyderabad has seen a lot of upsurge in property sales. Because of this, city’s real estate has emerged as a good investment option. However, among all the other zones, North Hyderabad proved to be most beneficial which has seen potential investments by many home buyers.

Residential Market of Hyderabad

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At present, North Hyderabad is dominated by many IT/ITeS SEZs, IT parks, industrial parks, and warehouses which give employment to thousands of people. Due to which many professionals are moving towards this area to make property investments and hence the region has ensured uniform growth across all major localities.

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Best International Bedroom Designs to Decorate Your Place

The bedroom is a personal space where you love to relax. But with the hectic work schedule and fast-paced life, people get annoyed and thus don’t even feel happy while lying back in the bedroom. The reason for this unhappiness is that regular bedroom design which you must change according to the trend. So, here we are listing some international bedroom designs that will help in getting back in the mood.

Bedroom Design Ideas

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Tax Implication: Provisions under IT Return for Jointed Owned Property

Many a times, people get their purchased property registered onto the name of their parents or a distant relative in order to get save more at the time of filling Income Tax return. In fact, people think that it will be easier to inherit the property after the death of the co-owner but that is not correct in most of the cases. Rather, there are several Income Tax implications for the jointly owned property which you as a proprietor must know. So, here we are listing all the important details related to the same:

Jointed Owned Property tax

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Reasons Why Indian Property Market is a Hotspot for the NRIs

The Non-Resident Indians popularly known as the NRIs have again started taking the Indian property market seriously. Here the word again is used to remind you that the new reforms and property prices shoot up were the few reasons that made the NRIs hesitant to invest in the Indian Real Estate for the past sometime. But, now the situation has altered as these people are willing to invest back here as India is their home and the implementation of new rules is making them confident enough to put money in the property market here. So, below we are listing the main reasons that intend maximum investments from the NRIs here in India:

Indian Property Market is a Hotspot for the NRIs

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