7 Designer Ideas to Style Living Room This Monsoon Season!!!

Monsoon is the most pleasant time of the year as one enjoys gorging onto the hot and lip-smacking dishes while enjoying a cup of coffee every now and then. But, the rainy brings moisture along with it and thus it becomes necessary to keep the interiors look stylish in order to minimize the effect of humidity that is often absorbed by the walls and furniture. So, check out these best designer ideas to style up the living room arena this monsoon season:

Designer Ideas to Decorate Living Room

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Tax Implications of Property Received Through Inheritance

Inheriting property is a happy thing for almost every person. But, people often forget about the tax implications they are required to deal with after inheriting a property. So, here we have explained the important things about taxation on the property you inherit via registered will and intestate of property. Scroll down the blog and understand these cases in details:

Tax Implications

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I-Day Special: Biggest Milestones that transformed Indian real estate

As India is celebrating its 72nd independence, the country’s real estate market has witnessed a lot of changes in last few years. The market which was not consumer favourable once, today due to many policy reforms has become buyers and investor’s favourite. From affordable housing to technological advancements, Indian real estate has expanded its reach across every part of the country.

Happy Independence Day

Celebrating this Independence Day, let’s take a look on some of the biggest milestone, Indian realty sector has achieved:

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5 Points to Consider for Paying Low Interest Rate on Home Loan

The feeling of being a homeowner is amazing but the interest rate at which the home loan amount has to be paid off will amaze you for sure. So, inspite of depositing a huge sum of amount in calculation to the higher interest rate, consider the below-mentioned points as they are helpful to secure low-interest rate. The revision of CRR, Repo Rate and others impact the rate of interest hence consider these points to pay less:

Low Interest Rate on Home Loan

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Know the Top Five Commercial Properties of Gurgaon

Considered as the best and most expensive real estate market of the country, Gurgaon offers good returns on investment to all those who invest here. Especially talking about the commercial sector, with thriving and robust infrastructure, better connectivity, work safety, feasible and attractive price, the real estate market has fueled up to a greater extent.

Commercial Properties of Gurgaon Plaza 106

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Take a look at the top commercial properties of Gurgaon:

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Enjoy tax benefit with these four loans

While buying a dream house or applying for higher studies, loan borrowing is an important procedure if you don’t have strong financial backing. Moreover, it is also said that a loan provides lots of benefit to an individual but many a times its repayment becomes an expensive task which let the borrower fell pray of a debt trap.

Tax Benefit

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However, there are several loans available in the market which can provide a great relief to the borrowers along with tax exemptions too. Important among these are home loans, personal loan, education loan etc.  Let’s discuss them in detail to know the tax benefits:

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Virtual Reality: Reshaping India’s Real Estate Market

Today the use of technology in the real estate industry has increased up to a large extent. Not only had it helped in reshaping the whole realty world but also has transformed the buying experience of prospective home buyers. Among all the marketing gimmicks, Virtual Reality is one of the upcoming trends; today developers are focusing on, to woo homebuyers by adding the element of customization and personalization to any real estate project.

Virtual Reality

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Vastu Shastra for Garden to Bring Good Fortune Home

A garden is a must arena in almost every home then be it an apartment, a small independent home or a villa. But, it is important to know about the direction in which the garden is designed and the property owner must also have knowledge of plants that he/she is planting in the garden. Interestingly, you don’t need to be an environmentalist or a Vastu expert to know all this as we here are listing all the important Vastu Shastra tips for decorating a Garden to bring good fortune home:

Home Garden

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Know Why Boisar’s Property Market is Welcoming Affordable Housing Segment

The lush green area with sprawling open land and industrial growth make Boisar one of the hubspot for affordable housing segment in Maharashtra’s real estate sector. The smart and convenient connectivity with Virar and other areas of Mumbai city via Western railway line make both working as well as living affordable in this region.

Property Boisar

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Ways to Sell a Home with an Outstanding Home Loan

Being a homeowner is a prestigious thing but some time the owner has to sell off the property in which he/she has invested not only financially but emotionally also. But, property comes in relation with money so, if you are in doubt over selling–off a home with an outstanding home loan then here are the things to consider. Apart from the Seller, the home buyers are also required to check if the property you are interested in is debt-free or not.

Residential Property Outstanding Home Loan

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We have mentioned various cases that both the homebuyer and the seller faces while carrying out the property transaction deal for buying/selling a home with an outstanding home loan:

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