Four Point Guide to Secure Down Payment Amount

Are you about to finalize your dream home? Yes, but the amount of down payment is making you anxious. As you have little less than the required token money. Relax, because this is a common problem that most of the aspiring landlords face. The down payment is crucial for securing a residential property of your choice. As the seller initiates deal with the person who has the down payment ready.

Down Payment Amount

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But, the insufficient funds for making down payment bring every home buyer on the same page. Thus, it is important to know simple tricks that prove beneficial when it comes to finalizing a home buying deal.

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Jewar Airport to cater 80 million passengers by 2022: PWC Report

Renowned audit firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) who won the bid to prepare the techno-economic feasibility (TFR) study of Jewar Airport has projected that the proposed airport is all set to cater 80 million passengers once it will get operational by 2022-23.

Jewar Airport

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The agency has also projected that the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) will reach its saturation point with a 100-million passenger count by 2024-25, which will give rise to the need for a second airport in NCR and hence the airport at Jewar would accomplish the need. By 2050, both Delhi and Jewar airport will cater to over 300 million passengers annually.

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Entrepreneurs to Invest Rs 10,000 cr in Noida

Ahead of UP investors summit which is scheduled to take place in Lucknow of February 21- 22, the Noida authority has completed its target of pulling in investors to invest around 10,000 crores in the city’s development.


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Informing about the development, officials of Noida Authority said that they had already inked provisional MoUs with 132 companies worth Rs 9,977 crore. Further few talks were underway for an investment of Rs 5,000 crore. The final deals will be struck in Lucknow during the summit.

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Greater Noida authority considering plans to build underpass at Kisan Chowk

Good news for Residents living near Kisan Chowk! Finally, their long-time demand of building an underpass at the busiest Kisan Chowk has been heard by Greater Noida Authority. On Thursday, the authority said that they are considering plans to build an underpass at Kisan Chowk. The decision was taken to provide a nonstop commute to thousands of commuters and ease jams.

Underpass at Kisan Chowk

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Speaking after the meeting, Debasish Panda, CEO, Greater Noida authority, said, “We are likely to hire a transport planner for conducting a study and suggest ways to decongest congestion-ridden intersections, including Kisan Chowk. We hope to select a transport planner next month.”

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Real Estate Prediction 2018: A Positive Pathway Ahead

The property market in India has seen a major turnaround in the recent times. In fact, the introduction of RERA [Regulation and Development Act] 2016 has transformed the atrocity of builders into the compassionate realtors. Thus, the real estate market is likely to come back on track in the year 2018.

Real Estate Prediction 2018

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This is a happy beginning for both, the buyers as well as for the realtors. This year is predicted to be an eventful period in the history of Indian real estate sector. There are multiple reasons that indicate good times for the Indian property market.

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Top Micro-Markets to Watch Out in 2018

After a long while, the real estate sector is witnessing boom especially with an effect of the RERA Act introduced by the Central Government. The emergence of small cities as a choice for purchasing residential projects is taking the entire property market by surprise. Also, the demand for dormitory properties near the newly developed commercial hubs of the country has sparked the row of excitement among the realtors. Interestingly, the capital cities have lost the race to suburb areas in order to attract the home buyers. That is the reason why, the property buyers across the country are heading to owe a permanent address in the developing regions.

Real Estate Micro Markets 2018

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The home buyers have become smarter than ever before. As today people take a note of how the place impact on his or her life after a certain time. Thus, the property-seekers opt for buying property around their workplace. This is because the proposed connectivity between the major places and commercial hubs makes life easy and peaceful. This future planning has left the entire real estate fraternity to think about the opportunities beyond capital cities.

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Unique Partition Designs to Give an Extra Impact to Your Home Décor

Open spaces in a home play a very important role in keeping your furniture in an arranged way. But with the advent of compact urban homes, people opt for various designer options to create more open space in their home. In order to give open spaces a more impactful and designer approach, division between rooms or certain areas works best. This division gave birth to the ideas of partitions or room dividers.

In traditional homes, these partitions are used as a cloth changer, but in today’s designer interior trend, these partitions are not just used as a functional element but are also used an as attractive decorative idea. They can be simple or unique as per the room’s design. And yes, if used cleverly, they are the perfect way to add dimension and structure to open floor plans.  So, let’s take a glimpse of such unique partition designs:

Traditional partition

These partitions display traditionally used designs which will give you a complete old-style setup.  Small motifs create less visibility among open spaces, making it a completely different area of your house.

Traditional partition

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Loan vs Mortgage – Know the Difference

It is important to plan out funding every time you decide to buy something big. Therefore, it is obvious to take a glance at your financial condition while purchasing a property.

Loan VS Mortgage

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Surely, nobody takes a big decision like home buying without having enough funds or at least a hope of cash inflow in near future. This is the time when many amongst us get confused about picking up the right option.

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Positive Impact of RERA on NRI Investors and Indian Real Estate Sector

The Indian property market has seen tough times since the formation of Narendra Modi-led NDA Government in Centre four years back. But, now the real estate market has reasons to smile as the actions taken by this Government are affecting homer buyers in a positive manner.

Impact of RERA

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After offering relief to the common man for buying property through the introduction of Real Estate Regulation Act [RERA] in the year 2016 the Government also opened door for more NRI investment in the real estate sector. Earlier, the Non-Resident Indians [NRIs] use to think twice before investing in the Indian property market due to various reasons.

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Union Budget 2018: Affordable housing to get dedicated fund

New Delhi: Post Budget announcement, here is good news for the housing sector. Finance Minister in his budget speech announced a dedicated affordable housing fund under the National Housing Bank (NHB). This move will surely bring more flexibility to the sector.

Union Budget 2018

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Focusing more on the housing for all scheme of Government, Arun Jaitley said that, “It the vision of the Modi government to provide ‘Housing for All by 2022’. So we are ensuring that every poor has a house by the year 2022.” In this context, the Government will try to create as many as 31 lakh homes in urban areas and 51 lakh in rural areas in the year 2018-2019.

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