Give your boring wall a new look with these designer ideas

Walls are one element which is always given very less attention especially during decorating their home. People spend a huge amount of money in order to give their house the best interior look, on the other hand, walls are just used to hang antiques, frames and small furniture item. So, don’t you think it’s high time you must think a little out of the box to give your mundane walls some designer and unique look?

Wall decor ideas

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Yes, with a little extra effort, you can dress up your wall with these designer wall ideas. Let’s take a look at some of the creative ideas:

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Home Loan Fundamentals: Ways to Counter Increasing Interest Rates

The next step after selecting the property you wish to buy is the sanction of a home loan which has an essential component named the interest rate. This is the additional sum of the amount which you are required to pay in exchange for availing a home loan either from a bank or from any other financial institution.

Home Loan Fundamentals

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Being an aspiring home buyer or a current owner looking to buy a second home, you must be aware of the increase in the interest rate which takes place mainly due to two reasons. Firstly, the hike in an interest rate on a home loan is due to the change in Cash Reserve Ratio [CRR] set by the RBI [Reserve Bank of India] at a regular interval and the impact of the property market apart from the demand and supply of properties. This affects the budget of a family as there are other things to pay for such as the educational fees, bills and many other things. So, here we have listed the top things you must look when applying for a home loan:

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Legal View: Know the Sync between Property Construction and Income Tax Rules

Don’t feel relaxed only be receiving approval of home loan as the next step is construction of a residential unit/property which plays an important role for availing the Income Tax rebate. It might sound new to many of the aspiring homeowners particularly to those who wish to have an independent home/villa. But, take this seriously as things related to the construction of a property can make you lose huge money which can be earn back. So, consider the below-given points and pay attention to the timely completion of property construction.

Property Construction.

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Homeloan Fundamentals for Purchase of Resale Property

Today the maximum number of home buyers look for a fresh home means the newly/fresh constructed home but there are many who won’t mind buying a resale property. So, if you are confused about which one to opt for then let us tell you that purchasing a resale property/flat comes with their own benefits in comparison to the freshly constructed properties.One mainframe advantage of buying a resale residential property is that the prospect is likely to own a home which is prefixed with various fixtures such as fans, lights and hanging loops. Apart from this, the essential for homeloan on the purchase of same are listed below:

Purchase of Resale Property

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Jewar Airport: UP Govt signs MoU to kick-start Land acquisition process

In order to kick-start the process of land acquisition for the Jewar Airport, the UP Government has signed a MoU with Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA), Noida and Greater Noida Industrial Development Authorities on Tuesday. The pact will also help in speeding up the work of the ambitious Greenfield Noida International Airport.

Land Acquisition Process

Along with the senior officials of all the three authorities, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Uttar Pradesh Civil Aviation Minister Nand Gopal Gupta were also present during the signing of MoU.

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Tips to generate additional income from your property

Investing in a property means capitalizing your lifetime finances into a valuable asset. This asset proves to be fruitful especially during times of financial crunch. However, with changing real estate scenario today there are many options available in the market to earn money from the property other than its dilution.

Additional Income from Property

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Many property experts believe that property taxes, utilities, and Mortgage payments are many ways through which an individual’s homes cost them. So in order to earn money from the property, ‘Passive income’ is the best option which is growing in trend these days among many homeowners. But before opting any of these ways, it is important to evaluate the demand-supply matrices and also keep a tap on the legalities involved in earning an additional income.

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Home Loan Protection Plan: Know its Importance and Benefits

Planning to buy your dream house with the help of a home loan, but have a fear that if something unexpected happens, who will bear the burden of EMI? Well, don’t panic because today all the financial institutions including banks have solution for everything. And in such cases, a Home loan protection plan (HLPP) offers the best solution to all your problems.

Home loan protection plan

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So let’s understand the importance of this plan in detail:

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Porch Swings Designs to Style your Home this Summer!!!

The rise in temperature nowadays means laziness at its peak. This laid-back attitude during the summer season is not new but the living areas which most of the people fall for in this hot season is definitely not the best place to spent leisure time. Here we are talking about the bedroom of your home. So, its time to step out of the living arena and have a look at the porch area. As we bought a list of trendy porch swings that will make you enjoy this season.

porch swing

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Know the Importance of Buying Child-Friendly Home

Planning to buy a home? Then make sure to invest in a property that is child-friendly. Well, the parenthood comes with a lot of responsibilities and in today’s time bringing up a child/children is not as easy as it was earlier. Thus, the couples must look for a home/residential property that offers comfort not only to them but to their kids also in the future.

Buying Child-Friendly Home.

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So, know more about how to find a child-friendly home in your budget.

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