Why today is the right time to gain from real estate in Delhi

Why today is the right time to gain from real estate in DelhiThere is a saying that when the times get tough, the tough get going – this holds true for the real estate market in Delhi and National Capital Region, as many experts believe that this is the right time to invest in the regions real estate market and ensure financial growth, even in tough times like this.

There are many factors that are contributing towards creation of an ideal investment friendly atmosphere for the people. Price drop in real estate is one factor which is making real estate investment, an interesting proposition for the customers. In addition to this the formation of a stable government at the center has also bolstered sentiments in the real estate sector of the country. [Read more…]

Why fall in Interest Rates might not be enough for new homebuyers

Why fall in Interest Rates might not be enough for new homebuyersIn addition to the lowering of interest rates, the real estate ecosystem needs to work closely around the needs of customers and offer them interesting deals in order to catch their eyeballs today.

As the government of India is pushing for a decrease in the interest rates for home loans, we might see a decrease in the rates by nationalized and private banks in the near future, however, the big question is – will this be enough to encourage new homebuyers?

Experts feel that this might not be enough to entice the customer community towards new home purchases and more needs to be done. Most importantly, as a country India needs to develop infrastructure beyond the big metros and this can encourage more new home buying customers to go for affordable homes in these times. [Read more…]

Exclusive Ways to Clinch a Real Estate Deal with ease!

Exclusive Ways to Clinch a Real Estate Deal with ease!In the real estate business, there are numerous times when real estate buyers and sellers often come close to making a deal — but something stands in their way and as a consequence the deal does not materialize.

It is likely that we have multiple offers and counter offers coming over the course of several weeks. Possibly as the situation dictates, the buyer and seller disagree and the point of discord is merely an insignificant sum.

The transaction might not get through as there could be one big argument that neither of them is able to get past. In such a scenario it can be an ideal situation for brokers to sweeten the deal and get really creative. [Read more…]

Is this the right time to find a buyer for your home?

Is this the right time to find a buyer for your homeIf we look at the real estate scenario, it is surely a tough time, primarily because of the high rates of interest for home loans, and even if one has good investment in banks, it can be difficult to secure a home loan with a favorable interest for repayment.

And yet there are people who are looking forward to selling their property in these times. Is this the right time for such a decision? There are many people who might this that it is a bad decision, however, real estate experts think otherwise and say that much of the talk about slump in real estate is exaggerated and overstatement of facts and figures. [Read more…]

Golden Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Golden Tips for First Time Home BuyersWhen you are looking forward to purchasing your first home, there are few things you need to keep in mind. We are presenting a check list that will make your first time home buying experience successful.

Competent Pricing:

Checking and comparing the price is most critical today. In an Internet age – it is quite easy but yet many people ignore to check if they are purchasing at a prevalent cost.

Hence, people especially the first time home buyers much check and compare the prevailing rates in the specific area before making the final purchase. [Read more…]

Government Calls for Interest Rate Cuts for Growth of Real Estate

Government Calls for Interest Rate Cuts for Growth of Real EstateAccording to the Finance Minister, banks need to reduce their interest rate slabs for home loans in order for the sector to grow in the country

As it is seen as one of the biggest factors that can trigger growth of Indias real estate segment, Indias finance minister, Arun Jaitley has called for a reduction in interest rates, saying lower rates would trigger demand for homes in the country.

In its present state, the interest rates are a disincentive as seen by many real estate experts. And especially at a time when inflation in the country, seems to be stabilizing, a move to reduce interest rates for home loans could surely trigger much needed growth in this segment. [Read more…]

Why is this a good time to buy property in Delhi

Why is this a good time to buy property in DelhiThere is no doubt that buying a property is a single most important investment venture for salaried people and that is why it usually involves a lot of planning and determination.

When it comes to buying a house in Delhi or NCR, this might be the best time to buy a house, this is what the real estate experts feel, keeping in mind the current market scenario in the Delhi region.

As per the market reports, there are a number of pockets in and around the Delhi region where real estate price points have fallen down by over 20 per cent year-on-year, according to the National Housing Bank’s Residex index, which tracks residential property price points spread across 26 cities in India. [Read more…]

Why it makes sense to become a ‘first home buyer’ today

Why it makes sense to become a ‘first home buyer’ todayAs the saying goes – when the times get tough, it is indeed the right time for the tough to get going.

Given the fact that the India’s real estate market is going through a tough phase, the first home buyer activity in the market is quite low, but experts close to the real estate market say that this is the right time to venture out and make your first home buying deal as customers stand chance of getting pretty attractive offers in this scenario.

Today there is a set of pressing conditions such as the bank interest rates that is impacting the number of first home buyers in the market, however this is likely to change fast as the government seems to be moving in the right direction towards initiating a reduction in bank interest rates. [Read more…]

How Can You Start Your Own Neighourhood Watch

How Can You Start Your Own Neighborhood WatchAs it becomes more and more important to be more vigilant about your own neighborhood, today there are more number of people who want to actively contribute to the welfare of their neighborhoods than ever before. In continuation to our efforts in this direction Here is how you can involve yourself in a neighborhood watch activity.

Timely Meetings

Even in times of hectic smartphone activity, it is always better to be physically present and be part of social meetings. In order to create better understanding about your neighborhood watch, you can visit the homes in your neighborhood and start talking face to face with your neighbors. [Read more…]

Survey Puts Bengaluru as most India’s livable city

Bengaluru as most India’s livable cityAccording to a recent survey, Bengaluru is the most livable city in the country, which is followed by Mumbai and Chennai

There are a number of factors which contribute towards making of a wonderful city and when it comes to India, Bengaluru scores over all the other cities of the country as according to a recent survey, the city of gardens is regarded as the most livable city in India, followed by Mumbai and Chennai.

As per the Location Ratings for expatriate living conditions published by ECA International, in India, Bangalore, ranked 171st globally, scores most  favorably followed by Mumbai and Chennai both ranked 182nd. New Delhi (204) is the least livable. ECA International is a provider of knowledge, information and technology for management and assignment of employees around the world. [Read more…]