Outdoor Decor: Create Your Personal Hideaway

When you feel too burdened by the chores of your home, when the piled up laundry starts bothering you, when you are no longer interested in sitting inside staring at the idiot box, what do you want to do? Many of us would answer that they would like to go on a vacation. But such feelings dawn upon us way too often and it is not possible to go on a vacation every time. So why not create a refreshing vacation spot right at the home. Revamp your home outdoors and have a place for your individual retreat.

Outdoor Decor Create Your Personal Hideaway

Outdoor Decor Create Your Personal Hideaway

Outdoor space can be a large patio or just a small balcony extending through your room. It doesn’t matter how big an outdoor space you have, you must be creative enough to decorate it in the best possible manner. Let us talk about a few ways to take your ‘home decor’ outside the ‘home’:

Decorative Flooring- Your outdoor vacation spot cannot and should not have a normal flooring. To make it look exotic, you need to put some mind into decorative flooring. At the same time you should see that the flooring is durable and strong enough to bear all weather types. Encaustic tiles that are typically used in the hallways of Victorian Style homes would be a better option for the outdoors as they do not wear out easily. Place it on sideways or the paths to create a distinctive effect.

Color Scheme- The color palette for your outdoor spot depends on how you want it to look. If you are decorating as an extension of your indoor decor, you must choose a color scheme that works well with the interiors. However, since you want to make it a personal hideaway, we suggest you keep it completely different from the interiors.

Accent Rug- Just like the interiors, you need something to accent your entire space, something that would be the focal point of the decor. Throw down a rug in the middle that would add to the ground energy of your outdoor space. A well-patterned rug of a bright color will give the much needed liveliness. You can choose the rugs especially designed for the outdoors.

Furniture- The furniture of your outdoor spot should be chosen very wisely. It is advised to go for flexible furniture that can also be used indoors in case you choose to no longer stay outdoors. Decide in advance whether you want a complete set of couches or just chairs and tables.

Lighting- Lighting is also very important for the outdoors. Not typically for the day, but for the evenings and nights. You might want to hang in there for some more time after the sun has set. Choose soft lights that improve the ambience of your outdoor living space. You can also light up with accent candles and a string of bulbs on the trees or plants.

Dressing up the Furniture- In most of the cases, an outdoor area is more like a coffee-hangout spot so you need to dress up your table likewise. Place a few magazines or candles if you prefer dinner on the table. Throw pillows and rugs would work the best for your outdoor vacation spot.

So you must create an informal hangout spot that speaks of your personality and take a hideaway out here whenever you feel gloomy.

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