Things Home Buyers Should Never Overlook at an Open House

Going to have a first look at a potential property? An open house is not a house inspection; it’s your first look at the property that you are considering to buying and seeing if it suits you and your family, and also your lifestyle. Taking a look around, try thinking out of the box, before stepping in have a look around and check the neighborhood. Sellers could be great stage setters so don’t get carried away by the window dressing. You have a lot of introspection to do, since you and your family will be living here.

Things Home Buyers Should Never Overlook at an Open House

The important thing is that you have to see is how well this property suits you, are you and your family going to be satisfied with the amenities available? Is it comfortable in every aspect; are all the commodities easily available? Take a stock of things at an open house and then take the next big step-

The Location- checkout the infrastructure around your property also see the condition of the properties around you see if the neighborhood is worth it. Just don’t go in with blinkers on, because the area is also of great importance for the safety and welfare of your family and yourself.

Landscaping and the Exterior- The façade- have a close look at the outer condition of the building, the paint, the wear and tear, the drains, get a proper idea as to how well maintained is the house.

Structural Defects- Try to see the structural weaknesses which can be hidden by a fresh coat of paint, how well the doors and windows open and shut. So be aware and don’t be misled by the stage show put on.

The Layout- Notice the space and see if you will be able to accommodate your family and your belongings in there. Does it fit your lifestyle or will you have to restructure your home? Maybe divide a room or extend your kitchen?

Light, Noise and Privacy- Take into account the amount of natural light your home gets ,is it a very noisy place to live in and also who can look into your house or are you looking at something undesirable? All these are vital things to be noticed when going for an open house.

Appliances and Major systems- See if they are functional or not?

Resale value- You may not live there forever, you may relocate or opt for a bigger place so keep in mind that if in the future if you have to sell your home you should not incur a loss.

So when you are doing a walk through see that you keep in mind the above mentioned points before you go ahead and decide.

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