Noida Vs Gurgaon: How Lifestyles Differ?

Gurgaon and Noida both are cities in the NCR which have undergone tremendous development. Both are equally popular as far as real estate investment is concerned. Noida is a well-planned city in fact the best in Asia. On the other hand Gurgaon, though haphazardly planned, has seen immense development where residential luxury is at its best and the arrival of a large number of IT/ITeS, industries and shopping complexes. As a result these cities have attracted not only end users but also investors.

Noida Vs Gurgaon: How Lifestyles Differ?

Noida Vs Gurgaon: How Lifestyles Differ?

Property prices have seen a step rise in both the cities. It is difficult to say that which the better of the two- Gurgaon or Noida. Gurgaon is at par with top global cities, though Noida is better planned. Noida has more open spaces and better infrastructure as compared to Gurgaon, but all the MNC’S, IT’s, ITeS are in Gurgaon and hence the real estate sector caters to the people who want the best.

Preferred Destination – Both cities are competitors of each other when it comes to developing new infrastructure such as skyscrapers (Future of Indian Real Estate), metro-rails, transport facilities, shopping and entertainment and a few other facilities. While Noida is witnessing to be a home for a large number of Indian and international IT companies, it is Gurgaon that has become the preferred destination for fifty percent of the Fortune 500 companies.

Infrastructure Developments – Both cities have witnessed a tremendous growth in commercial as well as residential infrastructure. Gurgaon has been a home for many skyscrapers; Noida is also following it, but Noida is better planned with wider roads, water facility and treatment, better road transport and residential facilities in sectors. Noida has better town management; the sectors have well laid out residential sections, with flyovers, wide roads and under-passes.

Civic Amenities – Gurgaon is more popular for its entertainment, restaurants and pubs. It offers more in the form of nightlife as compared to Noida. The crime rate in Noida is higher. The shopping malls are more in Gurgaon, but the biggest in Asia, The Great India Place, is situated in Noida. Ultra-luxury and luxury projects are available in Gurgaon, but Noida is soon competing with Gurgaon by offering and building some really exotic residential complexes. Noida has more parks and they are well maintained as compared to Gurgaon.

Leading health care practitioners are in Gurgaon with the city becoming a leader in health-care tourism. Noida is not far behind it has health care facilities from Fortis, Max health, Kailash, Apollo and others. Noida is ahead of Gurgaon as far as education is concerned, Amity, UP Technical University, MTU and many other technical and B-schools are found here. Noida is counted among the17 cleanest cities in India while Gurgaon stands 87.

Connectivity – Gurgaon has better connectivity, especially by metro; Noida is following it and will boast of good connectivity in the near future. Connecting the far off areas of Greater Noida with Noida and Delhi via metro is already in the pipeline.

The important question is which city would you prefer? Both have their pro and cons, but Noida is the city of the future, as it is better planned, with more connectivity and more greenery and open spaces and a lifestyle which is within reach and also the lifestyle facilities easily obtainable. But for an affluent lifestyle people prefer Gurgaon.

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