Noida Financial Hub to Be Developed On Line of Gift City Gujarat

Uttar Pradesh chief minister, Akhilesh Yadav declared his ambitions of developing Noida as an international finance hub. Mr. Yadav has pitched the city as the ideal investment destination with several development and infrastructure projects underway. The Noida Authority was exploring the possibility of developing Noida on the lines of GIFT City, Gujarat, and finally Rama Raman, chairperson and CEO of Noida Authority gave his approval.

Noida Financial Hub to Be Developed On Line of Gift City Gujarat

Noida Financial Hub to Be Developed On Line of Gift City Gujarat

A seven member panel visited Gujarat and made a presentation, after a study trip. According to a senior official the Authority is considering land along the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway, for the project. The main purpose will be to build a city with high quality physical infrastructure, including centralized electricity, water and gas, district cooling for air-conditioning, roads and telecom and broadband facilities.

GIFT city, which is near Gandhinagar, has been conceptualized as a global financial hub, a first of its kind in India, designed to be at par with similar global hub in Tokyo, Shanghai and London. GIFT city has also promised state-of-the-art connectivity, infrastructure and transportation access. GIFT city will serve us a benchmark for the SMART CITIES, being planned by the government of India and will be a paradigm shift in the ways India cities will be developed. The infra developments will be of a very high caliber, like-

  • District Cooling System (DCS) – The city will have a centralized air conditioning system which is cheaper also and saves electricity.

  • Automated Waste Collection System (AWCS) – The solid waste generated by the city will be collected automatically by a vacuum system comprising of underground pipelines. The waste will be treated by plasma gasification.

  • Underground Utility Tunnel- This will help in DCS, AWCS and water supply across the city.

  • Piped Gas- The buildings and residences will be connected by pipelines and gas will be supplied through them by GSPL (state owned).

  • Electricity- This will also be through underground cabling.

Noida Authority will also be developing Noida on similar pattern, and allotment of land will be done in the area which earlier was the SEZ land located across sectors 147 to 149, this land has been lying vacant for a long time and it will be classified as a mixed land use to allow housing and commercial activity. The financial hub being conceptualized has provisions for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional blocks.

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