Custom Home Decor: Let it Speak of Music

One of the most rewarding parts of owning a home is that you can decorate your house according to your ideas and taste. You not only feel proud of your handiwork but get a feeling of satisfaction and sublime bliss when you look around and perceive what you have created. When you were young you would have your favorite pin-up poster of your pop star in your room and you grew up worshipping him/her.

Custom Home Decor Let it Speak of Music

Now that people are looking for Fashion Houses in Noida, they also want to design their place in a way that it reflects their feelings and how passionate they are for their hobbies. Similarly, you can be an obsessed music lover, a diehard jazz fan or a musician. Bring out your music paraphernalia and display it in some creative manner that reflects your musical tendency.

Create a Music Library- Store all your records and CD’s on open shelves by installing them in a prominent corner and let this be your music corner. Display your collection proudly. Make it more interesting by adding a wooden ladder or a bar cart.

Make Use of Musical Instruments- Make good use of your musical instruments like an extra amp can be used as a side table, making it space saving and increasing your music score by gaining extra brownie points. Create your own wing of a musical gallery by mounting old record covers in neutral frames; this will add a contemporary twist to the walls. Use your musical instrument as a focal point; if you cannot store it then display it as this will also help you in starting a conversation.

Keep it Consistent- Display all your music themed items throughout your home, keep it modern and trendy. There are ways in which you can display your musical items casually showing a carefree attitude of a music lover. Place a stack of records in an otherwise modernized room that will create a very artsy effect.

Get Inspired by Music- Indulge yourself in a musical makeover. Use wallpaper with music scores prints on one wall as a backdrop for your music system. Create recycled art of your favorite music sheets. Music themed doormats, record clocks, recycled records as bookends, music themed wall plaques and many decorative items are found in stores as home decors.

You can have a special music room or den where you can hang wall tapestries for a conversational focal point. Use music sheets as drawer liners. You can design your home in a never ending musical symphony by adding a few musical items, casually or making them the focal point, your home will speak volumes about your love for music.

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