Moving Out: Things to Do As the Countdown Begins

Moving to a new home is a hectic job. It can keep you awake at nights thinking about the stuff you might have forgotten. Even when you have packed your smart TV, antiques, your favorite movie DVDs and what not, you might feel like something is missing. But you need not worry. We have made a list of things people usually forget or don’t take notice of while moving out.

Moving Out: Things to Do As the Countdown Begins

Moving Out: Things to Do As the Countdown Begins

Here is all you need to start doing a month in advance and then gradually as the clock ticks closer to the date of your final move so that you can make moving to a new home a stress free job:

1 Month Before

You have to take care of the recurring charges a month in advance. Make a list of all the subscriptions you have taken, like the gym membership, service charges, etc. In the midst of the packing and moving chaos, most of the homeowners forget to consider these charges and they keep mounting up on their credit cards. Talk to all these service providers and get your subscriptions transferred or cancelled in advance. Giving these companies a heads up before moving, will keep the later disruptions away.

2 Weeks Before

The first thing you need to do 2 weeks in advance is getting the change of address process initiated with the postal department. In India, these processes take quite a lot of time to finish so you must start in advance. Don’t wait for the last minute hassles and do everything beforehand.

Another thing is to call your car insurance company and update your new address with them. Sometimes the rates also differ in different neighbourhoods of the same city. So, this is important to consider.

1 Week Before

This is when the financial planning part of your move should initiate. Plan your moving budget but be a little on the plus side as some unexpected charges can incur. Also switch your monthly bills on autopay including phone, mortgage etc. to avoid the stoppage of these services by the company. Also call the packers and movers in advance and fix a deal with them. Divide the financial tasks among the adults of the house so that nobody suffers the total burden.

1 Day Before

There is nothing more irritating than tangled wires all around the house. So, before you pack your electronic items, snap a picture of how the wires are arranged in the system to avoid hassles when you sit down to set them up in the new home.

You must not have packed your plants yet. So this is the time to do it. Don’t pack your shovels in some other batch of tools as you will need it at the last minute.

The Final Checklist

This is the time to stock a go-to box. Put important stuff you will need on the first day of your new home so that you do not have to dig deep into each bag. Things like paper towels, clean sheets, paper plates, etc. are needed on the first day.

Plan it accordingly and move into your new home like a boss!

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