Mosquito-Proof Your Home before Summer Arrives

Warmer weather has arrived and we all want to spend time outside, until the pests arrive. The most irritating are the mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are a nuisance and generally associated with an uncomfortable bite, accompanied by swelling, itchy skin. While the bite can be painful the real danger is in the potential for disease transmission like dengue and malaria. Mosquitoes can be harmful to pets also, so prepare yourself and your surroundings for a healthy, happy summer and keep dengue out of your home.

Mosquito-Proof Your Home before Summer Arrives

Mosquito-Proof Your Home before Summer Arrives

Some tips are given below for you to follow and enjoy summer:

  • Any source of stagnant water should be eliminated. Stagnant water serves as a breeding ground for mosquitoes, see that your gutters, drains, birdbaths are clean. Don’t store any water and leave it exposed, do away with any garbage or waste like old tubes and tires, keep your surroundings clean.

  • Grow plants, like catnip, citronella, marigolds, rosemary, basil (Tulsi) which you find in every second home in India.

  • Keep vegetation pruned back.

  • Be careful not to overwater your lawn.

  • Empty out anything that collects water or holds back moisture.

  • Cover your doors and windows with mosquito meshing so that you keep them outside and at bay.

  • If you have a big yard, get a bat box fixed, certain species of bats eat up mosquitoes keeping the mosquito population in check.

  • Get your surroundings fumigated, do this on a regular bases it helps control mosquitoes.

  • See that there is no open water body nearby or get it cleaned even pouring kerosene on the water would kill the larvae and stop mosquitoes from breeding.

  • Light candles at home made from citronella, these are expensive but keep your home mosquito free.

  • You can stock your home for summer with mosquito repellents and light them from time to time so that the pests do not infest you.

  • Camphor is great mosquito repellent, light camphor near doors and windows for fifteen minutes and you can enjoy a mosquito free atmosphere.

So you have various options to keep your home mosquito free this summer, plant some plants like Tulsi, neem, lemon trees, citronella grass or install a bat house, pick your options and enjoy both the indoors and outdoors.

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