Mathura –Tourist Spot or Upcoming Realty Hub

Mathura, a religious place, has come a long way in shifting from the profile of a tourist hub attracting tourist and pilgrims from across the globe to a happening real estate destination. Again the city is fast changing into an upcoming realty sector with a lot of keen investors ready to buy land and property here, the real estate sector is witnessing a great boost in this region. Since the metro cities are brimming with skyscrapers, Tier II and Tier III cities are becoming the future of Indian real estate. Mathura is one such city that is gaining much traction from investors and end-users.

Mathura –Tourist Spot or Upcoming Realty Hub

Mathura –Tourist Spot or Upcoming Realty Hub

The city experiences an influx of over 15-20 crore pilgrims not only from India but from all over the world. With a spree of festivals happening round the year, there is no term like season staying, the district has emerged as a favorite holiday spot for denizens coming up from urban areas. Mathura is riding high on ‘the spiritual’ connect. People looking for second homes or holiday homes are opting for religious spots, and Mathura/Vrindavan fit the bill.

These places also offer the option of rental yields, so one can invest and make money by renting out. Moreover the appreciation potential is very high as compared to other cities where the market is already saturated. Mathura has seen a realty boom in the last couple of years. Being associated with Krishna, this brij bhoomi attracts a lot of NRI’s and foreigners, so there a huge demand from them for good housing. There is a good pool of investors in Mathura from Delhi and Gurgaon, who drive down during the weekend.

The trend towards Theme Township is very evident in this city. Coming up on 2500 acres of NH8 is a marquee project from SunCity. A high tech economically self-sustaining township towards Vrindavan will feature a theme city focused on cultural and mythological aspects of Mathura, with museums, forests, artisan’s village and infotainment center among others. Shri Radha Puram, Radha Orchids, Radha Farms and Highway Radha Farms are some of the prestigious projects by Shri builders.

It is not just the natives but also the tourist visiting these places who want to invest in real estate here, no wonder the real estate market has seen a boom here. This trend can be attributed to many reasons. Being a major tourist destination in UP and also being near the NCR the assurance of no loss is driving people to invest in property here. The charm of living in a city with shopping malls, residential townships, commercial centers, farm houses and resorts are sprawling and it seems like a dream come true, not forgetting the religious connection.

The city has transformed from a mere religious destination to more updated segments of living, satisfying all modern day demands at the same time maintain faith and spirituality. The oil refinery of Mathura is one of the biggest in Asia, creating a lot of job opportunities. Finally Mathura has been chosen as one of the heritage cities of India by The Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana.

This will assure us that Mathura will spearhead the next generation real estate growth.

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