Low-Cost Measures to Make Your Home Environment Friendly

Although many builders are stepping into the ‘Green Home’ arena these days, not every buyer can afford the homes in projects certified by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). These homes are priced slightly higher than the average ones as they are equipped with latest eco-friendly features.Low-Cost Measures to Make Your Home Environment Friendly

People have grown a higher sensitivity towards environmental issues and want their homes to be energy-efficient and eco-friendly. It is not necessary to spend big bucks to add that environment friendly effect to your house. Only a few simple measures and your house becomes a green home. With the growing awareness towards environment protection, several products are available in the market that support a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

The focus parts of your house that can be converted and made ‘greener’ include wall paint, plumbing and electrical appliances. Water conservation has been on top priority lists of environmentalists for many years. Nowadays, several instruments and plumbing attachments are available in the market to conserve water. A low-flow toilet, for instance, reduces the flow of water in the toilet thus saving upto 15 litres of water everyday. You can also install aerators in your water taps. This helps in creating a non-splashing water stream that saves half of the water you would use for the same purpose.

Secondly, the wall paint used in your home also contains volatile organic compounds (VOC) which emits harmful components that can cause breathing problems in future. If you already have problems like asthma, strictly go for low VOC paints. Contact reputed paint companies for professional advice in this relation. Do not rely on local painters.

Do you know that 80% of what local light bulbs emit is heat rather than light? This heightens the need for AC and Coolers. Replace your lightbulbs with energy efficient LED Lights and CFLs. These last longer and can save as much as two-thirds of the electricity use. Identify the areas that can be transformed into more energy efficient spaces. Reduce the amount of toxicity and heat in your home to make it greener and healthier.