Make the Most of Your Sloped Ceiling

If you have sloping ceilings or oddly shaped corners in your home then it can be tricky to maximize the space. But remember that the sloped ceiling is there to stay, so you need to make the most out of it. They are quirky, so they have to be designed in a smart way. Don’t let it intimidate you, get creative and a bit innovative and have fun doing it up.

Slanted ceilings make great playroom for kids, or that special niche for your workstation to help you get a good work life balance. You can do it up in different ways as the room is already different, so go all out and be adventurous and boldly do up the space. The sky is the limit when designing quirky ceilings.

Make the Most of Your Sloped Ceiling

Make the Most of Your Sloped Ceiling

COLOUR- Use one color and try to bring in the bright color, having mono-color will make the room look spacious in spite of the ceiling sloping down. You can wall paper the ceiling also with the same wallpaper used on the walls; this will create its own style.

A THEME OF ITS OWN- Rooms with slanted ceilings are great to bring in the cottage look or the industrial look. Go for a farmhouse, rustic or eclectic look.

EMBRACE AN AWKWARD SPACE- You may feel that having a sloping ceiling can restrict where you stand or where to place your furniture. Make the most of these awkward lines and install bespoke furniture and cupboards. If lighting is a problem then hanging lights are out as the ceiling will be very low, go for wall lights or lamps instead of traditional lights.

HANG FURNITURE- Space can be an issue in angular areas, so think of mounting side tables to your walls as a practical solution. Not having legs from the side table gives you valuable floor space.

STUDY IN NATURAL LIGHT- If you have a window in your sloped ceiling and this can be your reading nook, place your table in front of your window to read in natural light.

USE SHELVES- Bespoke cupboards are one way of solving the problem for storage in difficult corners, but open shelving can also be a great idea.

CREATE a HOME OFFICE- Under your staircase, you can make a small office with a small filing cabinet, or a special seating, it can be your own functional space.

FINDING THE RIGHT FIT- Finding furniture that fits in those awkward spaces can be difficult, think beyond storage when considering built-in furniture, when furniture fits well it shows the room shape rather than fighting against it.

SKYLIGHTS AND WINDOWS- Tap into the many benefits of slanted ceilings by adding extra windows and skylights to let in ample ventilation. Modern skylights come in amazing array of shapes and sizes and bring in amazement even in the night when you can see the star studded sky.

A TOUCH OF TEXTURAL CONTRAST- Whether it is exposed beams or wood paneling, wood seems to turn the most sterile spaces into inviting hubs.

Slanted ceilings require a focal point just like any other part of your home. Do not be afraid to explore different styles, slanted ceilings can be elegant and impressive while bringing out their own flavor.

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