Kitchen: The ‘Neutral-Color’ Obsession

Neutral colors- white, black and grey- are considered as sober colors. However, a decor in these colors is marked as being dull and uninteresting. But, when used wisely, even the so called ‘cold’ colors can add surprising magic to your kitchen decor. Neutral colors come in various shades. For example, all of us are familiar with various shades of white such as beige, cream, eggshell and white smoke. Black and grey also come in shades like ebony, taupe, charcoal, concrete, etc.

Kitchen The ‘Neutral-Color’ Obsession

You can make an awesome use of these shades to add a charm to your kitchen.

Grey Cabinets- The color grey has an ‘industrial’ touch associated with it. If your entire kitchen has a white theme, try to add tonal variations of grey in cabinets, drawers and maybe on the countertops. This will add a sense of elegance to your kitchen. As opposed to the glossy white walls and floor, the grey parts will be focused and attract attention. A warm red cabinetry would also do.In line with traditionality- Kitchens in India were traditionally done in neutral colors. But due to the lack of precision, it made the place rather uninviting. However, designers nowadays prefer shades of grey and black in kitchen. Concrete is the most sensuous shade of grey. When put against a wooden background, this shade creates a spellbinding effect.

Magic of Black- A kitchen with white theme and a black dining table in the centre is the best thing you can think of today. Splashes of vibrant colors at several places like a red vase in the center of the dining table or a set of blue or green photo frames on the opposite wall will add to the femininity of the place.

Go metallic- How about a kitchen in complete steel or in a color of steel? Sounds boring, right? Match it with a wooden flooring and think of it now. This is more of a straightforward kitchen decor and its entire beauty lies in the balance of textures. Use various shades of metallic colors in various places to add subtlety to your kitchen area.

A beauty of a kitchen decor depends on a proper balance of hues. A dark reddish brown kitchen would seem like the perfect place for family and friends dinner hangout, whereas a well-kept grey kitchen looks sophisticated and you automatically decide not to mess with stuff. Put all your senses into decorating the kitchen and make it reflect a part of you.

Happy Homemaking!

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