Kids Room Décor- The Tree-House Look Alike

You don’t need to feel depressed for not having a perfect tree house in the backyard, since all of us do not own individual homes. You can create your own tree house look-alike indoors. All you need is some innovation and imagination to create the desired ambience. You can have some tree-house beds, a swing or a slide to give that outdoor effect.

A tree house invokes thoughts of a private childhood getaway, high above the ground, surrounded by nature. A home décor idea inspired by a tree house brings the tranquil vibes indoors, providing a feeling of being tucked away in a secret hideaway among lush tree-top. A tree house

Kids Room Décor- The Tree-House Look Alike

Kids Room Décor- The Tree-House Look Alike

like room inspires the imagination of a child.

Walls-Cover your walls with wooden tree barks or paint your walls to look like tree planks, to give that fresh feel of a tree house. Paint a faux window on another wall to give tree top view.

Ceiling-For a well-rounded look decorate the ceiling also. Either paint it like a sky to give the feel of an open treehouse or paint with rafters and makeshift ceiling. If there are open beams a stuffed owl will add to the tree top atmosphere.

Furniture-Climbing is a part of fun in the tree house, especially for children. Add a loft bed to a child’s tree house bedroom, complete with a ladder, rope ladder or homemade ladder. Furnishing of the tree house can be done with wooden furniture, and you can place ottomans which resemble tree stumps. Funky thrift store things you can find will be right for the room.

Accessories- Complete the tree house vibe with hand painted signs like, ‘keep out’ or ‘follow the tree house rules’. Consider accent lighting, like garage lights hung on a long cord, hung from its hook in a safe location. Construct an old fashioned child’s telephone by using two tin cans and connecting them with a cord, placing them on the shelf along with a pair of binoculars. Tuck stuffed toy animals around the room, peeking from the corners.

Add plants and tree branches as décor to give that authentic feel. As a kid, his room is his haven, so create a room where a kid can grow and let his/her imagination run wild. A tree house look alike will make your child feel closer to nature and learn to appreciate and enjoy life in natural surroundings. A whole lot of designer wall-papers, wall-mounts, wall decals, and other articles are available to get the desired theme for your kids’ room.

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