Kids Room Décor- Through the Eyes of a Child

Children are God’s creation and if you want to hear the truth then ask a child. If we listen carefully, their vivid sense of imagination can provide you with valuable inspirations in designing their space so let them live their fantasies. We can even relive our own childhood through their eyes and enjoy making them happy and helping them to get innovative and imaginative in life.

Kids Room Décor- Through the Eyes of a Child

Kids Room Décor- Through the Eyes of a Child

While thinking of a quirky décor idea for your kid’s room, you must incorporate their ideas into real world designs. Children learn more from what you are than what you teach them, so let their growing years be an educational experience where they can formulate things on their own. For example- Your little princess would certainly love to imagine herself as Cinderella- ‘the Belle of the Ball’! So tiered-ruffle bed skirt and windows with window-dressing, wall decals of fairies are sure to please the daintiest occupant.

In early years, kids love to experience various sports until they find a favorite. Accent walls and sports inspired accessories such as pillows, rugs and even walls with posters will support their athleticism along with the flexibility to change when they switch from football to cricket.

Create a room for your growing up daughter, who will turn into a budding socialite, so she can have her own window corner for gossiping and a place to sit and hold her tea party. Have plenty of space for girls to sleep over after a hen party so you can hear the giggles through the night.

Your kid’s décor ideas can be acquired from observing your kid see what kind of books they like, or the type of clothes they prefer or are they musically inclined or do they love to experiment? These are the things which will help you to create that special décor for your loved one. All these resources for decorating a kid’s room have one common factor ‘your child’.

When considering themes for kids room, do not impose limitations on their ideas. If an idea is practical from a child’s point of view then the child finds a way to make it work. For example braided rugs become magic carpets or ottomans turn into stagecoaches or turn into magical toad stools from Alice in Wonderland. See what your child likes and create a room with flexibility for a change as he/she grows.

Removable wall transfers are very trendy and can be used as wall tattoos which your little ones can experiment with. Make your child’s room their favorite place, having what they like, so imagine the décor through your kid’s eyes and help create where he/she can relive their fantasies.

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