Kids’ Room Décor: Give It A Fairy-Tale Twist!

Dreams don’t fulfill easily. Almost all kids whether in their teens or otherwise go through a ‘fairy’ phase. We all love fairy tales and live in a fantasy world during our formative years. Snow White, Peter Pan, Cinderella or the Sleeping Beauty- fairies hold charm and whimsy that even appeals to adults. To make fairy tales a part of their kid’s lives, now people are turning their kid’s bedroom into a fairy-land abode.

Kids’ Room Décor: Give It A Fairy-Tale Twist!

Kids’ Room Décor: Give It A Fairy-Tale Twist!

From choosing a theme to the right color and then furniture which blends with the surroundings all has to be in perfect harmony. All has to be perfect so that your kids live and breathe the life of the fairy-tale. While painting your kid’s room and decorating it, follow some simple steps and there you will be in fairy-land.

Theme- Select a fairy theme, so that you know how to go about the décor. You may just want to create a fairy garden with toad stools or have a forest scene, decide first what you want to create and go for the next step.

Color- Decide on the color combination, fairies are usually girlish so go in for pastel shades like pinks, lavender, woodland shades, and forest greens with wood accents or neutrals.

Furniture and bed linen- When choosing furniture go for old fashioned rather than choosing modern. Choose something rustic and elegant, something that suits the fairy concept. Bed linen is the next thing you have to take into account. You could use a lot of frills and pinks if it is a girl’s room. Keep a lot of throw pillows; try to match up everything in the room. You can also DIY bed linen with fairies and flowers or buy it from the market.

Curtains- Curtains play an important role in a fairy bedroom; they complete and compliment the fairy theme. They give the room a dreamy, fairytale feel. Go in for sheers with scallops, they will really create magic.

Be simple- Stick to your theme; don’t create something which is difficult to understand, as this will not create the right atmosphere. If your bedroom is more woodland chic incorporate lots of rich, outdoor hues and elements like twigs and leaves. Small figurines of garden gnomes and woodland fairies, and decorate the room with plants. You can use miniature figurines of fairies and also wall decals or simple wall hangings of fairies.

Decorate the room with garlands made of light weight fabric or paper to make the room look more charming. There are plenty of nursery fairy theme ideas and also for young growing up kids, where your kids will grow, play, daydream and as they grow older make believe. You can paint the ceilings with clouds, so that your young one goes to sleep dreaming or paint a mural on the wall and surround the furniture where your kid feels he is in fairy land. Whether it’s Humpty Dumpty or Cinderella or Peter-Pan let your kids live their dreams by you creating them for him/her.

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