The Joy of Having a ‘Permanent Address’

What is your permanent address? For most of us, it is the home where we have been living for a long time and where we would possibly live in the future. However, what is a ‘permanent address’ in its actual essence? In times when it is just a matter of seconds for things to change, can we really call a rented home our permanent address?

The Joy of Having a ‘Permanent Address’

Not renting a home, but owning one is what makes your address permanent. Buying a house, of course, makes you the proud owner of your dream home, it also gives you a permanent address that you have been yearning for so long and the address you are going to cherish for a long time.

Apart from all the emotional aspects of owning a home, there are several other factors that make your ‘permanent address’ so important.

The first and foremost benefit of owning a home is to get rid of the biggest expenditure you have been incurring for so long, that is, the rent. It probably eats up the highest percentage of your income in return for just a roof above your head you cannot even call your own. Buying a house is a one time investment that means a full stop to the biggest waste of your money. Moreover, it is going to be your home, so do whatever you feel like. Paint in crazy colors, convert that gallery into a library and bring insane patterns of decor- there is no ‘landlord’ telling you how to deal with your home. You do not have to get your address changed at the post office every time you shift house. Getting passport is also easier when you have your own home.

For as long as you don’t own a home, you are basically living a nomadic life moving from one home to another. Owning a home is owning your life like an adult. Have a home so your friends and family know where to find you, so your children do not have to change school every now and then, so your parents think you have finally become responsible.

Have a permanent address because it is ecstatic to have a place you can call your home!

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