Is Your Home Vastu-Friendly?

Buying your dream home is one of the biggest accomplishments of your life. But, have you checked if your home is Vastu compliant? It is never too late and if you want to enjoy health, wealth and peace a few tricks can work wonders. Many people believe that luxury home built according to Vastu Shastra foster good and positive energies and vibrancies. Although there are many conditions one has to adhere to for getting the vastu right, some basic concepts can be followed at the time of construction.

Is Your Home Vastu-Friendly

Is Your Home Vastu-Friendly

At the pre-construction stage, it is advisable to have a bhoomi pujan before starting the construction of the building. This rite invites all the positive energy and ensures that henceforth all the proceedings will move smoothly. However, if you are buying a ready to move in flat by making some preliminary changes you can get your vastu corrected and accumulate all positive energy and vibrancy.

1- Home Entrance is an important vastu condition. East direction is supposed to be very auspicious for a home entrance. The sun rises in the east and the sunlight brings with it ample energy and light for a home. North-East is also a good direction for the main entrance.

2- Location of the Kitchen should be in the South-East corner; this in fact is the best direction.

3- It is advisable that cooking should be done while facing the eastern direction. If the kitchen cannot be moved then the stove or gas should be moved to the South-East corner. Please note that the kitchen should never face the main entrance.

4- Bedroom should not be near the main entrance and should be in the South-West of the house. Rectangular and square shaped have a positive vastu.

5- Bathrooms should be located in the North-West of the room; another favorable corner is South-East.

6- Toilets, pooja room and kitchen should not be adjacent to one another.

7- Too many mirrors should be avoided in the bedroom.

8- Dining table should be positioned in the west if that is not possible face east or west when having your meal.

9- Your front entrance should not be cluttered, or have any obstructions.

10- Keep a fountain or a man-made stream, running water guarantees prosperity and success.

11- A lot of vastu corrective items are available in the market, placing them at strategic points will help create positive vibes and energy.

Nowadays builders build home which comply with vastu conditions, but if your dream home lacks anything you can set it right by moving or remodeling things and create a vastu friendly home. There are various vastu tips for all your rooms, you can avail these and turn your dream home into a paradise where health, wealth and tranquility can prevail.

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