Is Your Home Earthquake-Safe?

Is Your Home Earthquake-Safe?The recent earthquake of 7.8 magnitude created a havoc in Nepal. Pictures and videos of the massive destruction are all over the internet. This heart wrenching disaster has made us reflect over one single question- ‘Is my home earthquake safe?’ Though a building cannot be completely immune to such natural disasters, we can at least take the possible steps to reduce the degree of destruction.

According to the guidelines set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), different parts of India are prone to varying intensities of earthquakes. These are categorized as seismic zones and are ranked in the ascending order of intensity. Delhi/NCR falls under Seismic Zone 4 which means that the risk of damage from earthquake is pretty high. According to these seismic zones, construction guidelines have been laid down by the National Disaster Management Division. The developers should be aware of these guidelines and should follow the same while planning their projects.

As a buyer, you should ask your builder about the following details:

Construction Guidelines- For the adequate safety of the residents, the governing bodies have set certain guidelines that are to be followed by the builder while building the core structure of a residential property, its design and alterations. You should ask the builder whether these regulations are duly followed.

Approvals- Before starting the construction, builders have to get the design approved by the municipal authorities. A group of structural engineers have also been appointed by the government who check the minute details of the design. Make sure that these approvals should have been obtained by the developer.

Earthquake Resistance- Most of the builders now erect RCC Framed Earthquake Resistant Structures. These buildings are supported and framed with concrete pillars giving it the strength to bear the tremors. These structures may suffer cracks but will not fall apart. As a smart buyer, you should question the builder about the steps taken by him to make the building safe from such calamities.

Nowadays, the developers are genuinely concerned about the safety of the occupants of their projects. Most of the real estate projects in Noida are built in keeping with the proper guidelines and are expected to withstand tremors and other disasters. These buildings are ductile to some extent and are capable of absorbing the energy of such tremors. This keeps the structure from falling apart in case of earthquakes.