Integrated Township: Changing the future of real estate sector

In recent times, a new concept which has gained a rapid acceptance in the whole real estate sector is of Integrated Townships. They have become so popular among real estate developers that most of the projects which they are developing in current time are designed as integrated townships only.

Integrated Townships

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An Integrated township spans around acres of land which include independent houses, apartments, offices, shopping malls, cinemas, schools, hospitals and all other facilities like police and fire stations.

Due to increasing urbanization, lands in metro cities are shrinking at a fast rate. Hence in such cases, these townships projects are really a boon. Integrated projects are built outside the cities territory due to the availability of large tracts of land. Hence all the facilities are located at a walkable distance which gives a home buyer a complete feeling of a well-developed and planned city.

According to realty experts, in future, more such townships will come up in metros and their suburbs. Major urban centers and state capitals are also likely to get many such projects.

Now let’s understand the advantages of living in an Integrated Township:

Benefits of Integrated townships

With the evolution of latest infrastructure and amenities, living in townships comes with lots of benefits. Some of them include:

  • In an integrated township a home buyers live a hassle-free life as they are developed with concepts such as ‘walk-to-work’, eco-friendly environment and large open spaces.

  • Some other hi-end amenities include swimming pools, gymnasiums, yoga and meditation centers, outdoor and indoor games, jogging tracks, mini-golf courses, libraries, Kids play area and much more.

  • Apart from these basic amenities, an integrated township also has Café’s, restaurants and mini-theaters for recreation and family entertainment.

  • These townships are also incorporated with schools that provide quality education to the children. Also, parents feel that their children are more secure and safe as the institution is just a few steps away from their home. Apart from this, working parents also avail the facility of crèche and day care wherein they can leave their small kids and infants safely and securely.

Advantages of an integrated township over single residential unit

  • As compared to single residential towers, a township provides more spacious apartments as ample space is available to the developers. According to a real estate expert, “To qualify as an integrated township, the minimum size of the land parcel should be 100 acres. They are generally located in the suburbs or outskirts of the city where such lands are easily available.”

  • Affordability is another factor that is attracting buyers to these townships. The cost of units in these townships is comparatively lower because of cheap land available on the outskirts of the city. On the other hand, single residential units which are located in the prime location of a city offers homes at a much higher price with limited amenities.

  • In an integrated township one can choose from different residential units varying from 1BHK to 5BHK, duplexes, penthouses and even detached villas, whereas these facilities are not available in single residential complexes.

  • Integrated townships also have an edge due to government incentives. So investing in such townships is a win-win for both developers and buyers.

  • Moreover, these townships also boast some innovative and eco-friendly technologies like rainwater harvesting, solar power lighting, and sewage treatment plants which promise a holistic lifestyle to residents.

So with a self-sustained approach and a smart master planning, an integrated township not only offer lots of lifestyle advantages but is also gaining momentum in the current real estate industry at a faster pace.