Indoor Plants for Your Home

Green plants and you can feel a breath of fresh air. Not only do the plants which are grown indoors (houseplants) brighten up your surroundings but also help in purifying the air inside your home. Some of the plants grown indoors have medicinal values. Plants are not only therapeutic in nature but also help in removing negative vibes or energies. Let a clean, pure, natural environment come into your living room.
Indoor Plants for Your HomeAccording to NASA report of the 80s, house plants help in filtering out some toxic gases and help in purifying the air. Plants need to be taken care of, so just keeping them is not the important part; they have to be nurtured with utmost care as you would tend to your young ones. It is believed that if you talk to your plants, play music for them, they grow faster and stay healthy. Right amount of sunshine, water and nutrients are also very important.

Moreover, houseplants help in enhancing the beauty or decor of your homes. They are helpful in not only purifying the air but creating a relaxing, serene and restful ambience in any room. Indoor plants help in lowering your blood pressure and stress levels thus helping you get rid of chronic illnesses.

Choose your indoor plants wisely. Do not pick up plants with strong fragrances or extra pollen as these can be harmful for people suffering from asthma, bronchitis, sinus, etc. There are a number of varieties to choose from like bamboo shoots, aloe vera, Chinese palm, etc. There are some succulent plants that bear small colorful flowers. There are also a lot of foliage plants like Arrow headed vines, ferns, silver ferns, bamboo palm, etc. The common money plant which is found in every second home is said to bestow good fortune on your home. The Tulsi (Indian basil) at your home entrance keeps away bad luck and is also of great medicinal value. The variegated foliage plants with their differently shaped leaves and colors add glamour to your home.

So, growing houseplants is a wonderful way to add attractive foliage color and serenity to your furnished flats. There is a plant for every living space so you have a vast choice and variety to pick from and make your home beautiful, filter the air around you and help you lead a stress free life. Indoor plants depict a fresh atmosphere in your living space bringing in solace, peace and harmony and cleansing your home of negativity.