Independent Floors: Offering Luxury at Reasonable Rates

Skyscrapers have not only become a trend in the Indian real estate market but also a need of the hour. With large-scale migration of people to the urban areas, vertical development is the only way to accommodate this burgeoning population. However, not everyone would like to live in the sky-high buildings. Though the apartment lifestyle offers several amenities and facilities, some might not find it an independent style of living. But the independent homes offered in the form of villa projects are way beyond the reach of mid-segment buyers.

Independent Floors Offering Luxury at Reasonable Rates

Independent Floors Offering Luxury at Reasonable Rates

If you take a mid-way between the two options, you will find the best choice for yourself- Independent Floors or Builder Floors.

An independent floor is a residential unit, usually in a low-rise building that has few other units distributed across only 3-4 floors. It is built by a real estate development firm sometimes, in collaboration with the landowners. It offers a better lifestyle at reasonable rate than the villa projects that are priced exorbitantly. Each floor is sold separately as one unit and may consist of 2-3 bedrooms, bathrooms and hall. Each unit has its own power and water connection.

Benefits of an Independent Floor

A builder floor offers several benefits relating to the lifestyle facilities and privacy. Let us list a few such benefits:

  • The first advantage is that these units offer a greater privacy to the residents. Since the entire floor is occupied by one family and the entire building has only 2-3 other families, a higher level of independence is maintained.

  • Secondly, these floors cater to the high-end customers. Hence the architecture and facilities will be luxurious in nature. It also caters to the different segment of buyers who are in search of an independent lifestyle along with basic facilities at the doorstep.

  • These floors offer the lavishness of a sophisticated villa project but at a reasonable rate. So it makes a great option for those who want a luxury life without burning a hole in their pockets.

  • As the owner of an entire floor, you only have to pay the maintenance and other charges for your floor as opposed to the apartment complexes where a total fee is distributed among everyone.

  • The returns on independent floors are much higher than the flats in an apartment that see a minimal price appreciation every year. Falling in the semi-luxury category, it is a viable option for real estate investment.

  • Two or three like-minded families can occupy the entire building and live like a community in harmony.

The metro cities of India are becoming more crowded by the day and people are now looking for a more independent lifestyle. Though luxury comes at a cost, builder floors offer the same independence and extravagance at a reasonable rate. This is why it is gaining much popularity in the Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

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