In-house Gardening during Winters

Many believe that gardening must cease when the first frost hits, but that is not true. There are several ways gardeners can enjoy the wonders of gardening year round including the use of solar green houses, growing plants indoors using containers and planting crops that do well outside. Due to a variety of ways growing plants during winters can be accomplished people can grow herbs, vegetables, plants and fruits.

What Do Plants Need? – Air, Water, Light and Nutrients. Many homes have sunrooms or patios, where plants can soak up winter sun. Vegetables can grow as well as your potted plants if provided extra light. Many vegetable plants will do well on a sunny window. If you have a big south facing window you can grow a tomato or cucumber plant by giving it some support and added light to compensate for short winter days. You can use indoor grow lights they are easy to set up and add that extra sunlight vegetable plants need to grow.

In-house Gardening during Winters

In-house Gardening during Winters

Set up your indoor garden where you get maximum sunlight say for five to six hours a day and where there is good circulation of air so watch out the drafty areas.

Vegetables or ornamental plants need at least 4 to 5 inches of space for their roots to grow, so use containers which give your plants root space to grow. You can grow plants in different growing mediums; your growing medium provides support for the plants and holds moisture and nutrients. Potting soil is a good medium for growing indoor plants and you can mix compost with it to add to the nutritive value. Never use garden soil for growing your vegetables indoor as the soil is heavy and can hold water and lead to rooting of the roots.

Over watering can also be the main cause of your indoor plant’s death and so can under watering. Make use of fertilizers regularly and if you are growing vegetables keep harvesting them. You need not have a green thumb or be an expert in gardening, you should know what to grow indoors during the dreary winter months, and your best bet is to maintain an herb, vegetable or fruit garden.

If you have a greenhouse then you can grow anything. The common plants like lettuce, greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, kale, and a variety of herbs can be safely grown indoors, and these can be used by you. Ornamental plants like ferns, pansies and a variety of flowering plants can grace your windows and add to the beauty of your home, you can bring in the beautiful garden indoors during winters.

Tending to bulbs and getting ready to harvest those in summers can also be carried out during winters. All you need is the right plants or vegetables, light, air and medium and there you have a wonderful garden in spite of the winter blues.

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