Ideas to Create a Smart Dining Space In a Small Home

You can turn a small dining area into the focal point of your home. With the apartment trend, homes have become smaller and to finding space for everything can be quiet challenging. But with simple tricks and tips you can create a space for everything. You can make a big style statement in a small space. If you have an apartment which does not have a dining room, don’t get alarmed, just by making a few furniture choices and nailing down your style, your small dining space can seamlessly merge into with the rest of your home and at the same time will not create an imbalance. This will not only support your mealtimes but also all your dinner parties.

Ideas to Create a Smart Dining Space In a Small Home

Ideas to Create a Smart Dining Space In a Small Home

Some tips and tricks you can use to create the right atmosphere are listed below.

  • Hang a light fixture just above your dining table, especially if your table is in an unusual spot. You can also try placing a pair of lamps on a slim console behind or near your table.

  • Hang something that draws the eye above your table a mirror or a piece of art would work wonders.

  • Stick to general styles so this dining space blends with the rest of the house and gives a cohesive look.

  • Make the most of small space with built-in benches tucked into the corner of the room. So small can seat a crowd. If you have more space go for a round or oval table you can seat more people.

  • Don’t waste space, use storage in benches for table linen and fancy dishes.

  • Create a chic mood by cozying your table up to a wall and add light and art fixtures to create the chic café like look.

  • Try being dramatic by making a big style statement in a small space. Choose a high-back bench with small side chairs.

  • Dramatize the ambiance by lighting use lights above the table and use dimmers to create the right mood.

  • A classic pedestal table with upholstered chairs can create magic and give your dining area a very posh look. A silky soft rug and an airy chandelier can create wonders.

When the space is truly small it is vital for every piece of furniture to perform extra functions. A round table and Louis-style chairs can be tucked away against the wall for solo meals and working on a laptop, and when required the table and chairs can be pulled to the center to accommodate more people.

Really stuck on where to place a table, try installing one which mounts on to the wall and folds down when not in use. It is always fun decorating a small space because the impact of color, style and pattern goes a long way. So have fun and create your own style statement when doing up the dinning space, so what if you have a small house. Small can be chic, comfy and sleek.

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