Ideas For Decorating Your Staircases

Home is all about adding color and creativity in the most unexpected places. Staircases, sometimes taken for granted, are not just a link between two floors/levels, but an architectural feature that turns an ordinary feature into an elegant grand entrance. Although basic and generic, it defines your style and showcases your décor.

Ideas For Decorating Your Staircases

Staircases can be modeled in different shapes and designs, from the simple straight flight of rungs to grand sculpted model which help in creating a smooth transition between two levels.

What works for your home?

Space should be your top priority. Double sided staircases only works in large entryways, so for a smaller space a straight or an L-shaped stairway will work wonders. The space below the stairs can also be used as a water-closet or a simple closed storage space. Elliptical or carved staircase offer a touch of elegance, while a spiral stair is more quirky and trendy.

What material should it be?

Material used should blend in with the rest of the house, so don’t mix and match the contemporary with the absolute modern. Carpet and stone are traditional materials and you can never go wrong with them.

What about the railings?

Your stairs may be simple but you can play designer with the hand-railings. You can go for well-designed wooden railings, made from well-seasoned wood. They will always impart a class and elegance which can never be surpassed by time. Industrial type metal railings are also in vogue. You can go in for the more ornate metal railings which can add glitz and glamour to your stairs.

How can I beautify the staircases?

Designs and decorating patterns from floral to marble, to chalkboard where your children can scribble, rainbow colored stairs, you can choose to match with the rest of the interiors. Hardwood is a common favorite with a lot of people. Spiral, curved, sculpted, winding whatever be the type, putting some wall art, murals along the wall or on the landing. Keep some potted plants along the stairs if your stairs are broad enough. Decorate your landing with plants and some art pieces.

Lighting is another important factor; it can give that dramatic effect especially after dusk and create a special ambiance. Adding unique staircase design, ornate railings and interesting materials can make your stairs a work of art that you have created and can be proud of.

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