How to Tell Whether a Suburb Is Right for You

It is difficult to know what it is about a certain suburb that makes you feel at home or safe but there are some important factors you need to consider before you decide to buy a home there. A new neighborhood, you are going to be living there so you have to get your priorities right.

How to Tell Whether a Suburb Is Right for You

How to Tell Whether a Suburb Is Right for You

Think and visualize as to why you need a particular location? Is it because the supermarket is close by, or the schools are good, parks to walk your dog or you can get a good sea view or the mountain range is visible from each room. Whatever your reasons you have to prioritize them write them down see what fits your day to day activities and then choose your suburb.

There is no point in living in suburb A and your child’s school is in another suburb so half your time goes in commuting from A to B. So choose a suburb that fits your lifestyle. If you have a big family then probably you will go in for a family friendly suburb, they will have shopping malls and schools all the facilities that a family would need with growing children. You would need a neighborhood where your family can be safe and secure. A family friendly suburb is larger, quieter and less city centric.

  • Do you have kids and /or pets?

  • Does your family have more than one car and hence more space?

  • Do you need a big outdoor area?

  • Do you need to entertain a large group of people?

  • Is a need for a big supermarket more important than a nightclub?

If your answers are in a yes then you need a family friendly suburb. The outer rural is for people who love nature, fresh air, peace and beautiful views. Whether it is seaside or country side, outer rural is for you if you are leaning towards peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you are the type who wants a glittering lifestyle, modern amenities and to be in sync with everything that is happening in your city then the inner city suburbs are for you. Theater, nightlife, clubs, restaurants and nightly entertainment at your doorstep then the city suburb is your destination.

You can adjust in a compact apartment, have your home, work place and your gym at walking distance, you can try for the city. You can’t afford the inner city and yet want all the amenities then the Trendy Urban suburbs are for you. They are close enough to the city for you to catch all the action of the bright lights, but at the same time can be more affordable and family friendly. Wherever you decide to finally live you have to see what suits you and your family and then take the final plunge.

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